Random IM conversations from yesterday

One with Dave: Dave: You there? Me: Yep Dave: Did you seriously eat that whole bag of M&M’s? Me: Yep Me: But in my own defense, the kids helped me.

Another with Dave: Dave: Hey, did you reset the music in the office last time you were here? Me: No, why? Dave: Because today […]

    How do you answer this question?

    Last night we went out to dinner, and on our way home Cam was pointing out how some stars were brighter than others, and asking why. Well, I could handle that question. Then he said, “Mom, why don’t stars fall?” I was like, “What do you mean?” and he said, “You know how snow […]

      28 weeks: I am a monument to Seven Mary Three......

      * Because “I have become cumbersome to this world.” My belly is beginning to earnestly get in my way. I’m only 5 feet tall, so the baby really has nowhere to go but out. And out it is certainly going.

      *We were at my nephew’s birthday party yesterday. My little brother kicked off the […]


        Let’s say, hypothetically, that your house has an open, 2-story entryway. Further, say that when you need to take things downstairs, you have a habit of tossing stuff over the 2nd-floor railing rather than walking them down– only things that can’t hurt anyone, like laundry, plus you always look before you toss. Say that […]

          27 weeks and back from our mini-vacation!

          We really had a great time– so relaxing.  The kids slept until 8AM every morning– and for kids who routinely get up by 6 or 6:30, that was heaven!!!! My poor pregnant bones didn’t like that crap hotel room bed, though. Two unfortunate things happened: Thursday night, Gabby rolled out of bed in her […]

            Something I had never considered

            My younger sister asked me if she could be in the delivery room with Dave and me. She has 2 girls of her own and we are very close, and she wants another child but her husband does not, so she may not have another. She said she had never had the chance to […]

              26 weeks: Cam's birthday and did I get my baby stuff back?

              Cammy turned 5 yesterday. I cannot believe my little boy is 5!!!!!! He is such a great kid and I could just die of pride every time I look at him.  Cammy was giggling and smiling all day long, and acting like a politician– my parents called, and Cam said to his friends, “Listen, […]

                Another Cammy update

                I took him over to the pediatrician for his follow-up visit. She doesn’t think the vomiting was from a stomach bug at all, though. She said, since he never had a fever, and he never compained about his stomach– only and ever his head– that he probably did hit himself hard enough to make […]

                  Cam in the ER.

                  I am sitting in my kitchen, waiting to hear back from Dave, who just took Cam to the ER for a maybe concussion. He hit his head earlier tonight– I didn’t even see him do it, but you know when they come running to you, shrieking, and you can tell it hurts like hell? […]

                    Friday blog

                    1. I had to go to the office this morning. But that’s okay, since my friend and her newborn are at a hospital close by, so I’ll stop over there some time today. I can’t wait to see that newborn little brattski!!!!

                    2. Speaking of my friend who just gave birth– she told me […]