33 weeks: I had my casserole shower!

…and look at the girls!!!!! They're each the size of my head!!!!!

So I had this awesome shower where everyone who came, just brought me food instead of buying the baby a gift.  This kicked ass.  And now I have all these meals in the freezer for when the baby comes… except that […]

    And the placenta is.....

    out of the way!! I’m really glad– don’t really care about getting the perfect birth experience, but I already know how to push out a baby– I’ve never had to have one surgically removed and hope to never find out. The baby is also head-down and has settled pretty low (you should see my […]

      IM from my sister

      The daughter in question here is Alaina, who recently potty-trained and is 2.5 years old:

      JILL: we are leaving for lainas first party- i dont know these people really JILL: i checked to see if her underwear was dry as we were leaving… JILL: NO EFFING UNDERWEAR! SHE WAS GONNA GO IN A DRESS TO A HOUSE […]

        32 weeks and Actually Starting to Prepare....

        After the shock of finding myself pregnant coupled with the roller coaster of will-it-stay-or-will-it-go, this pregnancy has been wonderfully smooth and trouble-free. The whole thing has been such a lovely and unexpected gift. Maybe that’s why I am so completely stress-free about the likelihood that I’ll be overdue– what’s a few extra days? Plus, […]

          A Note to the Baby:

          I know that you think it’s really, really funny to kick me in the right boob. I realize you love to do that, and when we’re at home, knock yourself out. Really. But do NOT kick me in the boob when I’m meeting with an architect. Not only is it distracting to me, but […]

            Cammy believes in me. :)

            Cameron and I were watching “A Baby Story” on TLC just now, and the mother was pushing out the baby with great difficulty. At one point she started crying and screaming, “I can’t do this– I can’t do this.” It was kind of intense, and I wondered if maybe it was scaring Cam a […]

              31 weeks: so much going on!

              1. I got my maternity portraits back. Check them out— doesn’t my belly look like an egg?

              2. Gabster decided to potty-train herself over the weekend. Now, she did pick a terrible weekend for it, with all the places we had to be, but she did great.  Unfortunately for me, she has a bladder the […]

                In Memory of Gavin Mahlie

                I was chatting with one of my NOLA friends– just getting updates: whose house has been valued at over 50% ruined and needs to raze the house, who’s out of the FEMA trailer and into their rebuilt home, etc. And suddenly he said, “Oh– have you heard about Gavin?” Gavin Mahlie, who was a […]

                  A Quote from Gabby

                  Yesterday we had to get a gift for a birthday party Cam was attending. We got the birthday girl a wooden wall hanging, in the shape of a flower.  We had her name added in sparkly letters too (and misspelled it, but that’s my problem to remedy this afternoon…. grrr). I got it at […]

                    Cross another name off the list.....

                    I was IM-ing my sister, and asked her about another name we’ve tossed around. Here is a transcript of the conversation:

                    Julie: What do you think of Donovan for a boy? Jill: oh my god CALL ME RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! Julie: no!!! why? Jill: call me right this second Julie: Not if you’re going to […]

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