Potty time is all the time

My son Cameron potty-trained a bit on the late side– he was exactly 3 when he got rid of the diapers. I took the advice of my mom and did not rush him; I just waited for him to be ready, and once he was, it was smooth sailing. The whole process went from, […]

    My poor sweet Gabby.

    Yesterday at a pool party, some kid tried to literally drown my daughter.  Dave had taken them to a pool party, asked my sister to watch them for a second, and went in for a Coke.  Gabby was sitting on the steps of the shallow end, and the kid just yanked her off the steps and pushed […]


      So yesterday afternoon I began feeling contractions all the way around to my back.  I was at the office (of course), so I finished what I had on my desk and left for home. I called my doctor’s office and they told me to stay home and rest. Today is Cameron’s field trip, so […]

        36 weeks and new developments

        I used to pretend this was a hairy beer belly. Dave hated that.

        Thank God, last weekend was the last big, “We have things planned every day” weekend for us until the baby arrives. So for the upcoming long weekend we’ll be just kicking back… well, actually we do have a thing planned […]

          I've chosen a date to have the baby.

          First of all, Fridays are the best days to have a baby in my opinion. I had Gabster on a Friday, and I’d like to have this child on a Friday too. Also, the class I’m teaching ends June 22, which is a Thursday. So I could have the baby the next day, but […]

            Holy Crap.

            A friend of mine who lives out of state, likes to send me baby name suggestions. She emailed me this morning that she and a friend have set up some kind of name contest in their office, and if we end up choosing any of the names offered by any of them, that person […]

              Mother's Day

              Saturday we went to my niece’s birthday party. Somehow we ended up telling stories of our family camping trips to Yellowstone Park as kids, where I acquired my lifelong fear of bears thanks to a pile of bones– including a deer leg WITH BLOOD AND FUR STILL ON IT– that we found behind our […]

                35 weeks: just chugging along....

                So I still feel great.  Which is good, considering that I need to go at least 5 days overdue with this baby, if I’m going to complete this class I’m teaching.  (Although a week would be better.  Hmmm…)

                Also, I basically have done nothing to prepare for the labor and delivery.  Like, I have […]

                  Cam and the bus; and Gabby and my baby belly

                  Today at school, Cameron and his class take a ride on the bus to “practice” for kindergarten. He goes to my mother’s preschool, which is in another town, so he won’t actually be going to that kindergarten on that particular bus. The teachers told all the kids that they would ride around town, drive […]

                    34 weeks: what is this about?!?!?!

                    [Editor’s Note: yes, there was some weird movement going on during this time in 2006, to warn pregnant women not to have their babies on 6/6/06.  As though we had any control over this, right??]

                    This morning I was at the gas station, and a woman pulled up behind me. I assumed she was […]

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