The day you were born

On Thursday, June 22, I woke up at about 5am with strong contractions. They were about 10-20 minutes apart and not really much different from what I had experienced for a couple of days, but I had a feeling that today would be the day. So Daddy and I sent Cam and Gabs to […]

    This has been an interesting day.

    The whole mood of my house has gone from casual, the-baby-is-coming-at-some-point to Yellow Alert. Everyone keeps calling– you know those, “Hi! I really want to know if you’re in labor, but you’re probably sick of people asking you, so I won’t come right out and ask; instead I’ll beat around the bush for 30 […]

      40 weeks: final countdown...

      Well, I’m still here, but for the first time I don’t know how much longer I will last. I’m having lots of contractions, between 10-20 minutes apart, and I simply have no idea whether they will go away or get stronger.  I still feel good but all this activity is making the end of […]

        The Catechism of Cameron and Gabby

        For those who may be confused by organized religion, here are a few explanations of Catholicism as interpreted by Cameron and Gabby:

        1. “Cheeses” is the name of the guy on the cross.

        2. His friend’s name is Peter. Peter is just a friend of Cheeses; he is NOT Peter Pan.

        3. The guy […]

          A 3-legged rabbit is after me.

          Before I begin: as of yesterday afternoon, I am completely effaced and dilated to 4. Yikes. I really want to make this go another week– it’s much easier to finish up a class with a full-term pregnancy, than a newborn, imo. Although, this means that I must avoid that freaking 3-legged rabbit that has […]


            Okay, for the first time I am going to admit that I am tired. This was a very, very busy week.  I am really, really tired. I have no energy today, which bugs me because in the grand scheme, what I have been doing really isn’t that much activity. I hate being limited in what I […]

              Endings and beginnings

              Dave asked me last night, if I was ready to be done being pregnant. I said, “Well, I really, really want to finish out this class and I have 3 more weeks.” He said, “That’s not what I mean. I mean, I think I’m ready for us to move into the next phase.” And […]