A riddle for you.....

This actually happened, btw– I’m not playing around. A friend of a friend has a son named Sam. She just recently had her second child, a daughter. When my friend called to tell me, she said, “It’s a girl! They’ve named her Ella!” I told Dave and he immediately started cracking up.

Here’s the […]

    Random thoughts...

    1. It costs at least $75 and as much as $125 to claim your lost dog from the animal shelter. If it ever happens again, my brother-in-law says I should just fail to claim her, then show up at the shelter and adopt her.

    2. If the power goes out, turn off your AC […]

      My baby boy went to school today.

      Cameron and Gabby each had their school orientations yesterday. Gabby’s was status quo for us, since it’s the same preschool where Cameron went for 2 years (also since it’s my mom’s school). And this morning, Cammy left for kindergarten! He’s officially a school-age child, and everyone wanted to know if I got upset when […]

        We took a trip!

        The kids and I had a little midweek break to a resort town a couple of hours away. We had such a great time! They kids swam– even Addison got in the water– and they went fishing for the first time, with great success. Addison was fabulous, too- she slept like a dream and […]

          Cameron's new name

          My son has informed us that he has chosen a new name for himself. He is no longer Cameron; instead, he is now…………..

          Net Horserider.

          That’s right: Net. Horserider. I even had to write “Net” on his water bottle for soccer, on the opposite side of where I wrote “Cameron” (for those who are […]

            Oh, crap.

            Or sometimes, pee.

            Gabby has suddenly picked up the habit of going to the bathroom outside. She was next door tonight, playing with the neighbor’s kids, and I was chatting with my neighbor over the fence when suddenly I saw her in squat position in their yard. Just peeing, and my neighbor started laughing, […]

              A conversation with Cameron

              Cameron: Mom, can we do your hair?

              Me: Sure.

              Cameron: Good, because you kind of looked like a dork before.

              [They get behind me and start messing with my hair]

              Cameron: So, how many weeks have you had this bad hairdo?

              Me: ……………uh, about a month.

              Cam: Oh, that’s a long time. Well, you’ll […]

                How did it go, you ask?

                Well, generally speaking, the baptism and birthday party went quite well. Addison is now “good with God” as my friend Ann puts it, and Gabby has more new clothes and toys than any 3yo girl needs. Here are some highlights of the day:

                1. Wearing all black, I avoided picking up Addison until I […]

                  Kids and their activities....

                  I came home from an outing yesterday to 4 voicemails. Three of them concerned the kids and their schedules, and they’re only 5 and (almost) 3, for God’s sake! I guess it’s only going to get crazier from here…. especially when Addison is old enough to start going to activities herself. Maybe I’m senile, […]