Quotable quotes

I have two for you today: one from Gabby and one from Cammy.

As Gabby was hanging out in the bathroom with me while I got dressed, she said, “I love you, Mommy. You’re my favorite mom. I picked you out!”

“You did?” I asked her.

“Yep,” she replied. “I picked you out when […]


    Yesterday, I was making Gabby some chocolate milk. For some reason I decided she would probably love a straight shot of chocolate syrup. I said, “Want to taste this? Open your mouth…” I squeezed the bottle, the syrup came out– and Gabby, at the last possible second, dodged it. Why? Who knows. Maybe she […]

      She LAUGHED!!!!!!

      Only a few ladies here know this, but I had a secret about Addison: she didn’t laugh. She smiled, babbled, cooed, squealed in delight, and otherwise interacted normally in every way– but she never laughed. And it wasn’t that I was actively worried about her (as Dave said, apparently I just wasn’t that funny), […]

        Gabby the Poet

        This afternoon, Gabby woke up from a nap, crawled her sleepy self into my lap, and as I stroked her curls, all mussed from her long nap, she said this:

        Mom I dreamed about you and me Love Sliding Down a Rainbow

        I think that may be the sweetest thing any little girl has […]

          Thumb photos

          Here are some pics of Addison and her thumb, all wrapped up, post cauterization.


            Baby's First Cauterization

            When Cameron was an infant, Dave cut Cam’s index finger while clipping his tiny little nails. It bled a lot, we were all traumatized, and since then I have been the Official Clipper of Nails in our house.

            Well, Dave decided this morning that Addison needed a trim. So he clipped her nails, […]


              I’m wearing these really cute camo pants that I ordered before I found out I was pregnant, then they were on backorder until after I couldn’t wear them anymore. When I walked into the office someone asked me if I had been hunting. Also, I have baby spitup on my left shoulder.

              I forgot […]

                Last year.....

                October 16, 2005 was the last day of my life before I discovered that I was pregnant with Addison. Last year at this time I had no idea that I was about to become the mother of three. I went back and was reading my journal for the 2 weeks immediately following my positive […]

                  Happy Anniversary!

                  Today is my 8th wedding anniversary! What are we doing, you ask? Well…. Dave has class tonight. So last Friday we had a date, and this weekend we have another minidate (although the kids will be along on that one). I have to be in the office this morning, so I left him a […]

                    Things to remember about fall 2006

                    Remember how f-ing busy we are this fall, how Dave signed me up for yoga because he said I needed the time to myself. Remember how the kids run to me when I walk in the door, yelling, “Mommeeeee!!!!!!!” and knocking me down with hugs.

                    Remember Cameron scoring goals in his soccer games… […]

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