What the kids are thankful for.

I just went upstairs, where Dave, Cam, and Gabster are watching “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” and I paused the movie and asked each kid what they were thankful for. Responses:

Cam: I’m thankful for God giving us food.

Julie: That’s so nice, Cam. Gabby, what are you thankful for?


Julie: Gabby?


Dave: […]

    Things to be Thankful for....

    1. I have my yearly McDonald’s eggnog shake in the freezer, just waiting for me. 2. I’ve already made 1 of 2 pies I’ll be bringing tomorrow. 3. It looks really, really good. 4. Since Addison is sleeping much better, Dave and I have actually managed to hook up!!! 5. Cameron had a dentist […]

      November 17 bullet blog

      *We took my friend Summer’s advice and put Addison in the swing last night. She slept in it pretty well for about 4 hours, so I’m feeling a little better today.

      *I’m thinking she may have a small ear infection. My ped’s current advice is to wait 48 hours to see if an […]

        What is this

        November 15 8:30pm Dave puts the older two to bed

        9:00pm C and G are still up, switching rooms and scaring each other with monster talk. Addison, mysteriously, still awake.

        9:30 Cameron is asleep, but Gabby and Dave are locked in a death match over whether she will sleep tonight. I intervene when, frankly, […]

          Solid food= solid crap

          We started giving Addison solid food last weekend. Did I tell you this? I had intended to wait until she was 5 months old, so around Thanksgiving. However, she is really interested in solids right now, wanting to nurse forever and then getting hungry again 2 hours later, and plus she’s very adaptable and […]

            Cam and Gabby's wish list

            We get this crap catalog called “Things You Never Knew Existed.” It’s a bunch of novelty junk, like a printout of the inventory for a Spencer’s Gifts. But Cam and Gabs went through it today and circled their wants and needs, then Cam wrote his or her name by each one, “so Santa knows […]

              “It wasn’t me!!!”

              So, I’ve lost my voice. I feel perfectly fine, I’ve just lost my voice. This is a minor annoyance in general but becomes vitally important later on.

              Today we saw Cam off to school and the girls and I went to gymnastics, which my niece also attends. Afterwards we all decided to go […]

                Thoughts to ponder....

                Gabby has been walking around all morning going, “Six, six, six, six, six, six………………….Six, six, six………………Six, six, six, six, six………..”

                I’m thinking I might need an old priest and a young priest.

                  Crappy Halloween!!!!!

                  I teach class on Tuesday afternoons, and Dave had class last night. Plus we were supposed to go out to my parents’ neighborhood so that all the cousins could see each other and do some ToT together, before we all had some chili. Then we were going to head back home and hit up […]