Christmas Bullet Blog

* Cameron got sick on Christmas Eve, with the result that we were quarantined to the house on Christmas Day and missed the spectacular Giampaolo Christmas Celebration at my parents’ house. Poor Cam. He was literally lying on the floor, eyes closed, surrounded by wrapping paper. How sad is that? — a kid so […]

    Happy holidays!!

    Top Ten Reasons I Know It’s Christmas

    10. Once again, we have the fattest, fattest tree in New Lenox. And as he does every year, Dave cut off so many of the bottom branches that it looks like it’s wearing a tutu.

    9. For some reason, people are eating flavored candy canes. Why would […]

      Foot-in-Mouth Syndrome

      I stopped by Joliet Junior College this afternoon to drop off my grade sheets for the semester, and ran into an acquaintance, whom we’ll call Mr. Doesn’t-Think-It’s-Funny. I had Gabby and Addison with me, both of whom were in rare form and I was quite distracted, trying to keep them in line while I […]

        Where is the absolute worst place for a 4-year-old to puke?

        I’m going to say, “On the sidewalk directly in front of the door to Buffalo Wild Wings, on her way in to her 7-year-old cousin’s birthday dinner, with her mother who is holding an 18m old baby who was STARVING and her 6-year-old brother who has been looking forward to the outing all day. […]

          The out-to-eat generation…

          I enjoy cooking. Seriously, I do. I enjoy meal planning and shopping and the whole thing. I also enjoy that there is a growing number of restaurants in New Lenox for when I don’t feel like making dinner (although: ENOUGH PIZZA PLACES IN NEW LENOX ALREADY), but it doesn’t kill me to eat dinner […]

            Mommy Competition....

            Yesterday I was stuck at a Pump It Up party with another mom who is a total glommer-on. She did not leave me alone the whole time, and here is a random sampling of her many, many Mommy Competition comments :

            1. “Do you like Cameron’s teacher?…… that’s nice…. well, I’m the kind of […]

              Christmas decorating mishaps….

              Here’s mine: my entire family caravans out to the Christmas tree farm every year to choose our trees, and we did it on Saturday this year. So my husband, kids and I got home and started decorating. As my husband was unpacking totes, we came across 3 ceramic lighted village pieces: a cathedral, a […]


                The following is a list of what my famiy is thankful for this year, from Dave to Addison:

                Dave: glad we aren’t going out of town this weekend.

                Julie: so, so glad that my mom hosts Thanksgiving every year. Also glad that last night, while making soda cracker candy, I didn’t burn the house […]

                  I think we’ve all learned something today…

                  Addison’s lesson: paint is a fascinating, although taboo, substance. Experimenting with it leads to instant panic and long baths.

                  Gabby’s lesson: It is not fun to be forced to take a bath with a painted sister.

                  Julie’s lessons:

                  1. Don’t leave paint where Addison can reach it.

                  2. She can reach it there.

                  3. […]

                    Dave is DONE!!!!!

                    After 3 years (I thought it was 4 but Dave corrected me) and exactly 796 classtime hours plus 102 hours of clinic, Dave is finished with his massage therapy schooling!!!!! Yesterday was the last day of his last class– a weekend Whiplash Treatment seminar if you care– so I wanted to do something fun […]

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