NIP revisited....

I’ll be on campus this afternoon as usual, and I’m almost looking forward to seeing the cranky woman in my lactation station. Someone I know made a comment about how pumping is not protected by law in her state, so I looked up the laws for our state and it is specifically protected in […]

    Lunch Lady Gabby

    I was making Dave’s and my lunches last night, and Gabby wanted to help. So I put 2 bags on the kitchen table along with our usual lunch food, and told Gabby to pack us up. She loved it– she went and got a piece of paper and a crayon, and she was muttering […]

      After all this time NIP.....

      It’s happened. The college where I teach one afternoon each week has 2 offices set up for adjunct faculty members, and one of those is also the designated lactation room. I’m not making this up, either– there’s a sign directing you to the room and then another sign on the door. So I use […]

        Cameronisms and Gabbyisms.....

        This morning I asked Gabby to go get dressed. A few minutes later she came into my room, wearing only a skirt. She said, “Mommy, I’m having trouble finding the perfect shirt for this outfit.”

        And Cameron is Star of the Week this week, and since he has a poster, a book, and a […]

          Friday Blog

          1. My pregnant friend is “contracting” and “nauseous” all the time, she says. I really love her, but my God she is a baby about being pregnant.

          2. Remember my new Celtic knot wedding ring that I got for Christmas? I’ve noticed that I wear it a lot more often than I wear my […]

            Addison's first ER trip

            So I was a terrible, terrible mother last night. I did a series of things that were all wrong, all the way down the line. Not one thing did I do right. Here’s the rundown:

            1. I put Addison down on the bed AGAIN. Yes, the very same bed she rolled off on Sunday.


              Addison fell off the bed.........

              All last night, Addie J and I were locked in a death match for possession of my boobs. Therefore she wanted to sleep in this morning. She was peacefully asleep in the middle of our bed, and I was downstairs making baby food (this AM I did squash, carrots, parsnips/ turnips, rutabaga, and cauliflower. […]

                Difficult information....

                We were out of town this weekend for a work obligation. Actually, it began on Wednesday when Dave left town. Start playing your violins because I tok care of all 3 kids by myself for 2 days, in addition to having to be at the office all day Thursday and then having to pack […]