Life with Cam and Gabby

Gabby: Mom’s real name is JuJu. Cameron: Mom’s real name is Ju-LEE. Gabby: Cameron: Ju-LEE. Gabby: Gabby: Aunt Betsy’s real name is Betsy. Cameron: I KNOW that. Gabby: No you didn’t! Cameron: Yes I did! Gabby: Nuh-uh!!!! Cameorn: Yuh-huh!! Julie: Actually, Aunt Betsy’s real name is Elizabeth. Gabby: Cameron: Julie: Elizabeth. Isn’t that pretty? […]

    Accusation of the Day

    I was in the bathroom to blow my nose and noticed that the toilet needed to be flushed, so I flushed it. Gabby came at a run. She stood in front of me, arms crossed angrily across her chest, and bellowed, “Did you just flush my green poop?? I was SAVING it for DADDY!!!!!”


      Two-Time Words

      The following is a list of words and phrases which, although not technically “bad,” are so annoying, irritating or otherwise unsettling that I have had to establish what we call the Two-Time Rule. The first word to appear on this list was actually “nipple” but the list has lengthened over time. My kids can […]

        Baby bliss

        Last night, about 10:00, right after we finished watching our DVR’ed episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” Addison woke up to nurse. She’s been gradually sleeping longer and longer at night, and this would be the last time I’d see her before morning, as it turned out. So I brought her in my bed to feed […]


          Cam and Gabby each had a sucker, and Gabby did something wrong. So I said, “Lishie, suckers are for girls who behave. Let me have your sucker.” She walked up to me, crunched, chuckled, and handed me the empty stick.

          Then Cameron, in his hurry to come see what I was going to […]

            Valentine's surprises

            The kids and I made Valentine’s gifts for the rest of the cousins and a few friends. We made and decorated some cookies, and put them into double-sided pink and purple CD sleeves. In the other side we put a photo of the 3 kids with “Happy Valentine’s Day!” on the top. They turned […]

              Raising the Spirited Child

              So I finally got this book the other day, after people telling me for the past 6 years that I should. I was skimming it last night and I read a paragraph that said something like, “Perhaps you watched your sil proudly beam as her baby smiled and cooed at everyone, then peacefully fell […]

                Only me.

                I was registering Cameron for soccer last night, online, and chatting on the phone with my neighbor at the same time. Another neighbor of ours recently had a death in the family and I was making meatballs, so I was half paying attention to the registration form and half paying attention to the oven. […]

                  Good morning!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  Gabby threw up last night, twice, and was warm and irritable all evening. We had intended to go visit my friend and her new baby, then run out to get a shirt for Cameron to wear to the Super Bowl event at school on Friday. Cam even had his hat and coat on, when […]