You're kidding me!

My babysitter– my beloved, awesome babysitter who I trust without question– is quitting babysitting at the end of the school year. Her youngest son will be in school full-time next year, and as she said to me, “What am I going to do with myself when I don’t have your kids– sit around by […]

    Weekend bullet blog

    1. I had Addie with me at a baby shower yeterday. I was holding her and talking to the mom-to-be when suddenly, Addison leaned forward and rested the side of her head against the new mom’s tummy. She sat like that for a second or two, then she gently patted the tummy with one […]

      Moments of epiphany

      I was on the phone yesterday with a longtime client of mine. He has had a lot of trouble in his personal life; for years he and his wife tried to have a family, only to lose the babies at some point in the pregnancy. At about the same time as I was pregnant […]

        Illness update.

        Yep, Dave has the flu. And now, he also has pneumonia. We went out to our super-fantastic dinner and a concert, but by the end I couldn’t believe he had tried to fake being okay. When we got home and he got into bed, he was shivering so hard that the whole bed was […]

          Poor Gabby. Poor Dave. Poor me....

          Dave, as I think I’ve mentioned before, is sick. So sick that he cancelled class both Monday and Wednesday evenings. Tonight is our date night for my birthday, and we had originally had everything all planned out in advance.

          Dave came home last night and went straight up to bed, but not before […]

            March 12, 2001

            I woke up at 3AM when my water broke, 5 days after my due date. (Dave wanted to go back to bed until 8AM or so when he found out.) After next to no action all day long, sitting around in the hospital waiting for something to happen, Cameron was born at 6:57pm that […]

              I am not well.

              Over the weekend, I bought Addison a stupidly expensive outfit for Easter. Then I bought a dress for Gabby– not stupid expensive but totally unnecessary as I already have about 1,000 dresses for her. Then I got Cam some new chinos and a striped button-down shirt. Was all that enough? Noooo. Next came some […]

                Bowling with my boss......

                Our boss is in town from Boston, so last night we allll went bowling. Which means that I left the office early to collect the kids, feed Addison, change all three’s clothes, give them a snack, and bring them to the bowling alley. Here are some highlights:

                1. The only parking space left in […]

                  Birthday present!!!!!

                  Dave is taking me to see Harry Connick!!! We’re actually making an entire date of it, having dinner downtown beforehand, the whole bit. Dave took care of sitters and made all the arrangements. I am so excited to go!!!!!!

                  Also, my boss is in town from Boston and is having sushi. He had some […]