Weekend happenings

So I ordered these pies from Market Day to benefit Cameron’s school. Since we don’t really have sweets in the house, the kids think they’ve died and gone to heaven. Cam, who Brave Spells everything these days, said, “Mom, I think we’d like to have a little P-I-I now…” So now we’re all referring […]

    More sad baby news....

    Addison was laughing delightedly more than usual yesterday afternoon. I looked over to find that she had managed to open the top on the wipes I stupidly left on the floor, and proceeded to pull out at least 2 dozen, one by one. Also, she crawled out of her pants at some point. I […]

      Bad news, scary news, and then good news

      On Friday evening we heard that Dave’s brother’s wife lost her baby at 14 weeks that day. They have no real answer; just that the baby stopped developing. Then my friend called me in tears to tell me about her coworker, who had the same due date as she did (16 weeks along). Her […]

        Summer projects:

        Okay, this is a list of the summer projects we have in mind. I always try to be conservative, but then our projects wind up zooming into the stratosphere.

        1. Repaint master bath, from its current deep olive green to a soft plum color. Swap out stupid light fixture.

        2. Redo kids’ bath, […]


          Today I picked up a book at the library called “The Fear Factor Cookbook.” It was all about making food that looks like bugs or is somehow gross, and I knew Cam would love it. When we got home from the library, I put the girls down for a nap and picked up Cam […]

            How Should I Have Handled This?

            Cam had a well-child visit this morning, and I had told him that he would not need a shot. I truly thought he was done with his vaccinations, and Cam is petrified of needles so I thought this would make it all easier.

            Well, turns out he needed one more varicella shot. My normally […]

              Your daily dose of Gabby....

              This morning, our weekly organic produce delivery came while I was on the phone. I set it on the table and went off to complete my conversation. I returned to discover that Gabby had taken a single bite out of 5 pears, 2 apples, and she was halfway through a tomato.

              Also, I told […]

                Quotes from my house.....

                Gabby: This dinner looks gwoss!!! Julie: You know, Gabby, I’m really getting tired of you not liking what I make for dinner. Gabby: Well, I’m really getting tired of not liking what you make for dinner.

                Dave [driving through a dicey neighborhood last weekend]: Last chance for crack before Easter Sunday!!

                Via Instant Messaging: […]

                  Easter Chaos

                  1. We dyed Easter eggs on Saturday morning. Gabby also dyed her hands: she did her left hand in pink and her right hand in green. We didn’t know it until one of the other kids asked her to stop hogging. They’re still colored today.

                  2. Cameron got some grow-your-own dinosaur capsules, and […]

                    Life with Gabby, and another thing.

                    So Gabby insisted on wearing 3 wide headbands of different colors to church last night. She also wore a dress. And no underwear. Which I didn’t discover until we were at church, thank you God for not striking me down. Until 5 minutes before we left for church, she was neatly and properly dressed […]