Spiders, not staph....

So Gabby woke up with her eye swollen shut on Sunday. (Doesn’t this stuff always happen when your doctor’s office is closed?) We took her to an Urgent Care facility where the doctor, whom we’ll call Dr. Doom, diagnosed Gabby with periorbital cellulitis. Evidently this is like having eyeball plague. He gave us all […]

    America's favorite pastime, huh?

    So I was pitching balls to Cameron and Gabby this evening. Apparently I suck something fierce at this, as my 2 older children were happy to tell me. You see, according to them: when they swing and miss, it’s because of my crappy pitching. Here’s a random sampling of some of the things they […]

      A bird is gunning for me.

      Okay, so my parents gave me a pair of hanging flower baskets for Mother’s Day, which I hung from my front porch on Sunday night. I water them with a bowl of water instead of my watering can, because it’s faster that way. I watered everything without incident for 3 days. Last night I […]

        I am a terrible, terrible person.

        This past Easter, Dave gave me this really cute keychain. It has 3 bead stringers dangling from the ring, one for each kid. They spell out the kids’ names, are spaced with beads of their birthstone colors, and have cute charms on the ends. When I opened it, I said, “I LOVE it!!! Thank […]

          Creepy update...

          Last night, for the third night in a row– you guessed it. I picked up my water glass in my sleep and set it on my chest. Fortunately last night, as the night before, I woke up as I was setting it on my chest and before I spilled it all over. But WHAT […]

            WTH is wrong with me?!?!?

            Last night, while “sleeping” with Gabby (if by “sleeping” I mean “attending-to-her-every-cranky-whim-while-she-has-me-in-a-headlock”), I found myself PICKING UP MY WATER GLASS AND SETTING IT ON MY CHEST AGAIN!!!!! I was half asleep when I did it– I realized what I was doing all of a sudden, snapped fully awake, and got the water safely back […]

              Hand, Foot and Mouth disease

              That’s what my kids have. AWESOME. And I have oh-so-many final exams to grade by Friday.

              So last night was a particularly tough night for Gabby and she spent most of the night flailing around with me in a headlock, trying to fall asleep. She also kept waking up to sob incoherently– you […]