Dinner by Design, my teensy tot, and Valtrex.

Oh my God, I am a total convert to Dinners by Design, and I have been there one time.  You know how, every night, you try to come up with some freaking dinner that one person at the table will actually eat?  Well, probably no one will eat these dinners either but, since you […]

    I love my husband but he is crazy.

    If you were having a party, would any of these chores be on your list the morning of the party??

    1. Meticulously clean out the kids’ art table and art supplies 2. File old tax paperwork. 3. Take apart vacuum cleaner and clean out hose. 4. Even though we are having catered sub sandwiches, […]


      …was my due date with Addison. I was huge. Just, in every way huge. But I was happy as a clam, too, and hoping to put off the birth for a few more days. It was Father’s Day, and we were all at my parents’ house. My mom put up the water slide and […]

        Confessions of a kids' couture junkie....

        I was at this stupid expensive kids’ clothing boutique yesterday, buying Addie’s birthday party outfit (translation: excuse to buy adorable/expensive/ useless clothing that she will only allow on her person for an hour tops). It’s a little halter dress in hot pink, orange and chocolate retro flower, with a big pink flower applique on the front […]

          Random thoughts again

          *So the Duggar family (who are expecting baby #17 ) use only J names for their kids. Meaning they have had to come up with a J name 17 freaking times. They have a Joy-Anna and a Johannah. They have a Jeremiah, a Jedidiah, and a Josiah. Now, I’ve never been one for annoyingly […]

            Yippee!!!!! And, crap.

            They poured the new patio this morning!!!!! Since we intended to put our handprints in it, we all hung around waiting. Which meant basically that we stood in the yard and stared at the workers. We got the workers some donuts and coffee, which they then had to share with the kids– one of […]

              Too old?

              So my sister bought me a miniskirt for my birthday. I wore it today, and all day I kept thinking about the road sign on “What Not to Wear” that says, “No Miniskirts after 35.” Then it reminded me that a girl I knew in high school, who had a pear shape, used to […]


                I had a green tea frappe at the library today, with whip which isn’t typical for me. And evidently the whipped cream got all over my chin and I didn’t notice, until my sister looked at me and started cracking up. “You look like Santa Claus!!!” she screeched, which did wonders for my […]