Cameronian/ Gabriellian Idol

The kids have taken to singing at the top of their lungs at all times. It would appear that they’re training for American Idol. Cameron sings “Go” from one of the Acceleracers movies:

Tell a doctor/ tell a lawyer/ tell the mailman/ tell your mother Gotta wake up/ gotta move out/ gotta shake […]

    Tinfoil Death Match

    Okay, so I took out the roll of tinfoil and started to pull out a length, and the roll immediately flew out of the box and landed on the floor. “Weird– the roll was in upside-down,” I said.

    “What do you mean?” asked my handsome and brilliant husband.

    “Well, the roll was put in […]

      Sick, sick, sick.

      Lately Gabby has taken to calling me her Majesty, only she says it like this: “Thank you, your Minus-ty.” Which begs the question: does she mean “Majesty” or is she actually saying what she means??

        One year ago today....

        Dave and I went out for our anniversary in October 2005, and over a bottle of wine, we¬†decided to table indefinitely the discussion of whether to have a third child. ¬†The next day, I was in a CVS, passed the rack of pregnancy tests, and thought to myself, “Hey– when DID I last have […]

          Wait! I forgot something!

          But I’m only telling you so that you understand the level of my obsession. This afternoon, I went back to the kids’ boutique to pick up a second Taggie for Addison– this is a Taggie:

          I bought Addie J one a few months ago, when the little Gap blankie with attached bear head […]

            Dinner tonight...

            So for dinner I made marinated flank steak with roasted corn relish (to be fair, that was from Dinners by Design. But I still made it myself, then froze it). Along with the steak I baked some potatoes and made some seared rainbow chard, plus I drizzled olive oil, salt and pepper on some […]

              You know he's a good father when....

              …after the kids have gone to bed, you hear your 3yo calling from the stairs. Your husband immediately gets up to take care of it. You hear voices being raised and then your husband comes back in, obviously irritated. “What happened?” you ask, and your husband snaps, “She’s just trying to push my buttons.” […]

                So I ripped off half my toenail today.

                WARNING: this is graphic and gross.

                I got up late this morning. I had an appointment with a client, waaaaaay north of me. I called her to confirm before I left, to be told that she was out of the office. Fine. I called my office to find out that our technician had an […]

                  I tried to give blood, I really did....

                  Okay, so this is the 3rd time I have tried to give blood as an adult. Time #1: blood pressure too low. Time #2: iron too low.

                  Very low blood pressure runs in my family, and a day or so after I signed up for the blood drive at the gym, my sister saw […]