I’m living with a bunch of divas.

Cameron doesn’t get the desired snack in his backpack? “Well, I WISH I had goldfish, but my mom was out of them,” he sighs dramatically to his friend Doug. “Instead I had to take a GRANOLA BAR.”

Then Cameron– who inherited his grace from his mother– trips […]

    Gabby's Bible obsesssion

    So every time we stay in a hotel room, Gabby plays incessantly with the Bible in the nightstand. And in our house I think we have a Bible in the basement somewhere, but we definitely don’t sit around after dinner, reading passages to one another. And since we attend Catholic church, there’s no other […]

      Miss me?

      We’re back from our vacation! We had a great time– very relaxing and fun. Here are some highlights before I go off to bed:

      1. Addison was up all night Thursday. Literally. Cried, tossed and turned, all night long. Wait– Dave took her for a 1-hour drive from 4am to 5am, when she slept. […]

        Gabby's pics from Club Libby Lu

        If you can get through all this glitter and tulle without vomiting, I salute you.

        Tomorrow is her family party, and if I can get to it, I’ll post those pics too. For now, enjoy Gabby as Hannah […]

          Gabby the Birthday Girl

          Yesterday, my sister was telling her husband about Gabby’s latest name invention (she’s named her toy lizard “E-lizard-beth”). All she said was, “So Gabby—” before he started giggling. He said, “Gabby needs her own reality show. It would be a massive hit.”

          He’s right. Gabby is a force of nature, a little pixie […]