Pre-Halloween Activity…

I intend to give you a full blow-by-blow of Halloween later this week. So to tide you over, here’s a full blow-by-blow of my activities this morning, since dropping off my older 2 kids at school and coming home with The Destructor, aka my 16-month-old daughter. Enjoy!

Addison walked in the door and went […]

    Random thoughts....

    *Cam has yet to decide what he’ll be wearing for Halloween. Gabby is going as Jasmine, courtesy of the $100 costume my sister bought for her daughter last year, and which I sold really hard until Gabby got into it. Addie J is going as a witch and I made the cutest and coolest […]

      How many washings does it take...

      … remove approximately 1 cup of Vaseline from the hair of a 15-month-old girl? Answer:

      1. (10) minutes of wiping with paper towels

      2. (2) regular shampoos

      3. (1) healthy portion of cornstarch, rubbed in

      4. (3) washes with Dawn dish detergent

      5. (1) wash with regular shampoo

      6. (1) wash with baby shampoo


        Happy Anniversary!

        Nine years ago today, at 1:15-ish, I sat in the basement of our church in my wedding dress, looking up through the windows at the feet of people attending our wedding. I saw the feet of my husband-to-be; “There’s Dave,” I said. “No it isn’t,” my sister answered. “It’s– yes it is!! How did […]

          Toilet paper commericals are just offensive.

          I am so fricking sick of those toilet paper commercials with the cartoon bears. It was bad enough when they would show a closeup of the bear’s blissed-out face, as it was wiping its arse with that fabulous t.p. Now they’re talking about LEAVING LESS LINT. Holy mother of Jebus. How much more explicit […]