Mommy Competition....

Yesterday I was stuck at a Pump It Up party with another mom who is a total glommer-on. She did not leave me alone the whole time, and here is a random sampling of her many, many Mommy Competition comments :

1. “Do you like Cameron’s teacher?…… that’s nice…. well, I’m the kind of […]

    Christmas decorating mishaps….

    Here’s mine: my entire family caravans out to the Christmas tree farm every year to choose our trees, and we did it on Saturday this year. So my husband, kids and I got home and started decorating. As my husband was unpacking totes, we came across 3 ceramic lighted village pieces: a cathedral, a […]


      The following is a list of what my famiy is thankful for this year, from Dave to Addison:

      Dave: glad we aren’t going out of town this weekend.

      Julie: so, so glad that my mom hosts Thanksgiving every year. Also glad that last night, while making soda cracker candy, I didn’t burn the house […]

        I think we’ve all learned something today…

        Addison’s lesson: paint is a fascinating, although taboo, substance. Experimenting with it leads to instant panic and long baths.

        Gabby’s lesson: It is not fun to be forced to take a bath with a painted sister.

        Julie’s lessons:

        1. Don’t leave paint where Addison can reach it.

        2. She can reach it there.

        3. […]

          Dave is DONE!!!!!

          After 3 years (I thought it was 4 but Dave corrected me) and exactly 796 classtime hours plus 102 hours of clinic, Dave is finished with his massage therapy schooling!!!!! Yesterday was the last day of his last class– a weekend Whiplash Treatment seminar if you care– so I wanted to do something fun […]

            This weeks Random Moments

            Here is a collection of random moments in the lives of my beloved family over the past week. Enjoy!

            ***Cameron: Hey Mom: is ‘nipple’ a bad word?

            Julie: No. Nipple is not a bad word.

            Cameron: So I can say ‘nipple?’

            Julie: Yes.

            Cameron: Okay. So. ‘Nipple’ is okay to say. So if I […]

              Help!!! Your input is needed!!!

              Okay, so my daughter Gabby is legendary for being a curly blonde tornado. She’s not a bad kid– at least, not deliberately bad. It’s more like her curiosity is an unstoppable force of nature. Example from this morning: my mom is the director of the preschool that Gabby attends. Today my mom was teaching […]

                Halloween candy…

                As usual, Dave and I put off buying Halloween candy until the last possible second. Then we madly bought whatever was left at CVS, which turned out to be Starburst, Milky Ways, a giant bag of peanut butter kisses (sorry, kids who came to my door and got this), and this bag that said […]