Merry Christmas!!

We had a wonderful holiday– we spent it with our family, everyone was showered with gifts and holiday love, and as far as I can tell, we have receipts for everything that needs to be returned. However, as usual, it didn’t really go off without a hitch:

On Christmas Eve, my mom stopped by […]

    Does Anyone Know?

    *Why does it take me less than 10 minutes to get both of my girls into and out of the shower, dressed, and ready for bed…. but if I ask them to hop into the shower and get wet while I run downstairs for 10 minutes, they only manage to untie one shoe apiece?


      O Christmas Tree Farm

      My parents, my siblings, and our families all make a trip to the Christmas Tree farm over Thanksgiving weekend, to get our trees. It’s a holdover from when we were in college and wanted to decorate the house before Christmas break. This year the plan was simple: meet at my sister’s, drive out together, […]

        Christmas lists

        Christmas shopping season has officially begun. This is the time when I take many notes and come up with many ideas, then skate along for about 5 weeks, then madly buy everything left on the toy shelves and lament how I’ve forgotten about 6 ancillary people who need gifts. (All this while my sister, […]

          Holy Crap

          We went to the Saturday afternoon church service this weekend. We recently changed churches, from St. Joseph in Manhattan to St. Jude here in New Lenox, so we don’t know a lot of people yet at St. Jude. But– and especially after Saturday’s service– I’m pretty sure that a lot of them know us […]

            Happy Halloween!!!!

            *So Halloween candy is like crack to Addison. She cannot stop asking for it, carrying around unopened pieces, trying to get the wrappers off, having hysterics unless there is some in her mouth. Plus, all the extra sugar means that she’s been aimlessly running, nonstop, since 7am. I predict that she’ll hit rock bottom […]

              Thanksgiving foreboding...

              Traditionally, Thanksgiving is taken by my siblings as an opportunity to mercilessly bring up embarrassing memories from my past. One year, my brief fling with the guy who later came out of the closet came to light. Also, the Sit & Spin incident, in which I, as a 2-year-old, threw a spectacular tantrum (which […]

                For Your Amusement…

                I got a new hard drive at my office last week, and it apparently hates me. I know this because my entire desktop is weirdly formatted and I can’t fix it. I’ll request that a file be saved in a certain location and my hard drive gleefully sticks it in virtual Timbuktu. And, unbeknownst […]

                  I love my husband….BUT…

                  Dave is on the B List this week. Last Thursday, inexplicably, he decided to take some cereal and milk to eat in the car. So he got in with a plastic cup full of Froot Loops and milk, set it on the center console, and said, “Wait– let me buckle my seatbelt first, so […]

                    An observation and a challenge…

                    Somehow, I was the only person in the fitting room yesterday evening, who had a self-appointed guard in front of her dressing room door. Given that this “guard” was a 5-year-old girl wearing an atrocious combination of blue-and-grey cheetah tights, a lavender plaid skirt, dark blue shirt AND a hot pink Hannah Montana sleep […]

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