My three kids, unfortunately, are accident-prone. I could blame it on their dad, who once knocked an entire bowl of cereal and milk all over the interior of our car, in summertime…. but then, I did accidentally perform the splits in front of a line of cars in New Orleans years ago (but the […]

    The Doggie Debacle

    Dave took our dog, Abita, to the vet on Saturday– Abita is a 65-pound border collie mix. Dr. Frank, at Cedarway Vet Clinic, discovered that she has a wound on her back (possibly from being scratched at the groomers’ but really, who knows). He clipped back her fur and told us to keep some […]

      What Daddies Do for their Kids

      My family had dinner at Chicago Dough Company last week. (And by that I mean my immediate family of 5, my parents, my sisters and their families, etc. etc. God bless Chicago Dough Company, for seeing us coming and not just turning out the lights and hiding until we drove away.) Anyway, during dinner […]