Things I Saw While Running the Shamrock Shuffle

Yesterday morning, my sister Jill and I ran the Shamrock Shuffle, which is an 8K race in downtown Chicago. I saw some fun things and some not-so-fun things:

*There is a man out there who chose to run in acid-washed black denim cutoff Daisy Dukes. I’m pretty sure I saw his pockets showing in […]

    Person You Should Know

    So I was just reading the information on Dr. Frank Hoogeweg, this week’s Person You Should Know. I nominated him, and as I was reading his profile I decided to let you know why.

    When I moved to New Orleans for graduate school, I adopted a 5-week-old puppy from the animal shelter. She was […]

      Easter highlights

      On Saturday, Cameron and Gabby decided to set a trap for the Easter Bunny, so that they could see what he looked like. (They were planning in letting the Bunny go, after a photo op of course.) So they placed a bowl of carrots and jelly beans inside Cam’s room, and set up his […]

        Foiled Again

        In the interest of saving time, providing us with a fresh supply of fruits and vegetables, and (according to my friend Todd) falling for the Stupidest Trick in the Book, we at my house get a weekly organic dairy & produce delivery from Timber Creek Farms. Our delivery came yesterday, and later in the […]

          …and speaking of Gabbyisms….

          I was watching my nieces, Olivia (5) and Alaina (4), on Saturday. I cam into the family room to find Gabby and Alaina sitting on the coffee table, while “Teacher Olivia” enthusiastically held forth. Alaina’s hands were folded neatly, and she was diligently following along. Gabby, on the other hand, was sprawled on the […]

            The Globalization of Gabbyisms

            My 4-year-old, Gabby, has a long and rich history of colorful expressions, the most famous among them being “I say ‘whatever’ to you.” (This was first uttered at about the age of 2.5, immediately after she responded to a scolding by saying, “Whatever,” and then apparently wanted to confirm that I understood exactly […]

              Rock Climbing and Irish Dancing

              Faithful readers (this is basically my mom I’m talking about) will recall that we were trying to decide whether to take the kids to the Field Museum or the Art Institute last Friday. Instead we wound up taking them rock climbing. (Well, not Addison– they had a harness to fit her, but she found […]