Magic Tricks Revealed

Last night, Cameron and Gabby were snuggled up in my bed reading books as usual. When we finished the last book, they had exactly 10 minutes left before bedtime– which, as any parent of a young child knows, is time which MUST NOT be squandered by actually going to bed a few minutes early. […]

    On the subject of boys’ clothes….

    Why is it that, somewhere, someone wants me to dress my son like a dork? Who decided that little boys should wear outfits that include suspenders, bow-ties, vests– but everything comes on one hanger and is attached to the main garment?? I want to know how come I can buy stylish flare-leg jeans in […]

      Cameronian/ Gabriellian Idol

      The kids have taken to singing at the top of their lungs at all times. It would appear that they’re training for “American Idol.” Cameron sings “Go” from one of the Acceleracers movies:

      Tell a doctor/ tell a lawyer/ tell the mailman/ tell your mother

      Gotta wake up/ gotta move out/ gotta shake up/ […]

        The Great Outdoors, huh?

        I love springtime. I really do. I love the return of warmer weather and green, growing things. But spring wildlife does not seem to love me. Spring wildlife seems to have it in for me. I’ll give you a few examples:

        1. The Three-Legged Rabbit

        Two summers ago I walked into the garage one […]