Second Chances

There is a house in my neighborhood which I do not care for. In fact, when we drive by, I have been known to say, “Wow, that is one ugly house.” Several seasons ago, we happened to pass this house on foot, and I stopped to chat with the owner. As we were talking, […]

    Knocking Down Officer Luttrell

    This week, Joliet Junior College offered a Self-Defense seminar to its faculty and staff. My sister and I thought, “Why not? Maybe we’ll get to punch someone,” and signed up.

    The seminar was mainly given by JJC Campus Police Officer Chris Luttrell, and whatever they paid him, it is not enough. During the first […]

      Julie v. Wildlife, Continued

      So by now it has been well-documented that wildlife and I don’t get along. And I don’t know why– I am not a hunter, I swerve to avoid squirrels in the street, we have a zoo membership, and although my neighborhood has transformed into Watership Down over the past few years, I have never […]

        The Terrible Tale of the Slip N Slide

        Here is an account of my afternoon. I am completely beside myself and have no sense of humor about this yet, so if you see me, don’t bring it up for AT LEAST 3 more days.

        8:30am: I tell the kids we can take out the Slip & Slide this afternoon, to general acclaim […]