An Open Letter…..

…to the makers of the game, Candyland.

I’ll be straight with you: you have a permanent place on my People I Will Never Forgive list. How could you? How could you invent a game so boring, so pointless, so painful? Do you understand what a blight upon my house your game has become? The […]

    Park District Programs…

    The New Lenox Park District, much to my surprise, has not yet banned my family from their events. In spite of Gabby’s Princess Ball Fiasco of 2007, Cameron’s Epic Crafty Kids Meltdown of 2005, AND the Ants-Crawling-On-Our-Shoes-They’re-Clearly-Trying-To-Kill-Us-Let’s-Freak-Out-And-Cause-All-The-Other-Kids-To-Follow-Suit Incident at one of last year’s picnics. Since they are still, somehow, allowed to register for programs, […]