Addison v. Vaseline: the Rematch

About a year ago, I began this blog by telling you all about my baby daughter getting into the Vaseline. She was not long past her first birthday, and she still had that baby-chick hair and that I’m-still-a-baby immunity clause, so it was mostly funny. We scrubbed her hair, resolved to keep the Vaseline […]

    Random weekend thoughts…..

    *Soccer photos are this weekend for my older kids, and have I ever mentioned Gabby’s Coach, Bob Curran, here? He coached Cameron’s soccer team for a few seasons, and now he’s Gabby’s coach. Dave and I are continually amazed by how well he coaches a team of 5-year-olds and their mid-game antics: one is […]

      Quotable Quotes

      So the five of us were in the car, and Gabby was testing the boundaries of what she is and is not allowed to say. We don’t allow “Oh my God,” and so she threw a few of those out in the space of 5 minutes. Dave finally went off:

      Dave: Gabrielle, you are […]