O Christmas Tree Farm

My parents, my siblings, and our families all make a trip to the Christmas Tree farm over Thanksgiving weekend, to get our trees. It’s a holdover from when we were in college and wanted to decorate the house before Christmas break. This year the plan was simple: meet at my sister’s, drive out together, […]

    Christmas lists

    Christmas shopping season has officially begun. This is the time when I take many notes and come up with many ideas, then skate along for about 5 weeks, then madly buy everything left on the toy shelves and lament how I’ve forgotten about 6 ancillary people who need gifts. (All this while my sister, […]

      Holy Crap

      We went to the Saturday afternoon church service this weekend. We recently changed churches, from St. Joseph in Manhattan to St. Jude here in New Lenox, so we don’t know a lot of people yet at St. Jude. But– and especially after Saturday’s service– I’m pretty sure that a lot of them know us […]