Random Friday Blog

**The other day, Addison (who was literally wearing rose-colored sunglasses, by the way) dumped out an entire container of peel-&-stick foam hearts all over the office. In slow motion, watching me carefully as I approached, saying, “Addison! Stop it! Don’t– do not– quit it– do NOT DUMP ANY MORE OUT!” When I got to […]

    Cold Weather Update: an Open Letter to my Husband

    Dear Dave,

    If you value your life, you will immediately stop referring to my big, puffy, green coat– which I ONLY wear when I’m shoveling snow or going outside in -20 degree weather, and which is ACTUALLY NOT THAT PUFFY, AND NOT THAT GREEN, AND NOT THAT UGLY– you will stop referring to that […]

      Random Friday Blog

      1. I just want to say that I am actually angry over how cold it is. I normally like winter, and snow, and cold weather– but I take this cold snap personally. I am one of the few people in the world who can say they moved back north because they missed the cold […]

        Gabby the Composer

        I present here, the original Song/ Performance Piece/ Philosophical Statement, composed by my daughters, Gabby and Addison, around lunchtime today:


        Everyone thinks that my stuff is the beeeeeeest

        The best and the hest and the reeeeeeeest

        Everyone wants to see-ee my beeeeeeed

        My bed and my head and my reeeeeeeed

        Everyone wa-ants to […]