Tiger by the Tail

Oh my God. The gecko lost its tail this week. Cam was trying to touch the gecko, and it freaked out for no reason and ran around its water bowl, where it momentarily got stuck and jettisoned its tail in order to get through. It was actually kind of gross to be honest– the […]


    Did anyone here know that it’s possible to have two strains of the flu at once? Yeah, me neither. But Gabby’s test at the ped’s office was positive for two strains of flu. The poor kid has been glassy-eyed and miserable since Monday. Also– a complaint directed at the CVS pharmacist: remember this week, […]

      The Reptililan Era

      Cammy’s birthday was yesterday (8 years old!!). As he told his Grandma Kathy when she called that morning, “I think my hands are bigger today.” He could not have been much happier all day– I had toyed with the idea of pulling him out of school early for a treat, but then I remembered […]

        Friday Bullet Blog, part 1,000

        I always have these grand plans for some sort of coherent blog here…. and then my life dictates that I toss up some crazy bullet blog. In my own defense, it really is a good representation of my daily life. So here you go:

        *Gabby will be in tomorrow’s (likely rain-soaked) St. Patrick’s Day […]