Sayings of the week

To get your weekend off to the right start, I’ll leave you with these quotes from my children, all from this week– well, to be fair, one of these quotes is from Gabby’s classmates:


MONDAY [picking up Gabby from the bus stop]

~ME: So Gabby, how was your first day back at school […]

    Top Ten….

    Here’s a list of items that were popular treats with my children over the Easter holiday…. for better or worse:

    10. Mint-flavored dog biscuits (Addie J)

    9. Dora toothpaste (again, Addie J)

    8. Hard-boiled egg white. Under no circumstances, hard-boiled egg yolk.

    7. Peanut butter eggs (my fave as well. The kids keep coming […]

      New Suits and New Phrases

      Okay, so Cameron will soon be making his First Communion. This requires a new suit, of course, which I foolishly thought was going to be a simple errand. Run to a department store, pick up a suit, The End. Wrong.

      I did several things wrong here. My first mistake was passing on to Cameron […]