Questions of the Week

As you slack off and start surfing the net toward the weekend, here are some of my children’s questions to ponder. Feel free to discuss them with one another, or ask an authority figure their opinion:

From Gabby: Which body part is more important: your teeth or your butt?

From Addie: Is water possible?


    Raise Your Hand…..

    If you just asked your 2-year-old, “Did you just put ketchup all over the dog?”

    My hand, needless to say, is up.

      Happy Mother’s Day!

      For Mother’s Day, Cameron gave me a jar filled with 26 reasons he loves me (as he told me: “Mom, I thought up TWENTY-SIX!!!”) . I’m supposed to read one per day, but of course I dumped them all out and read them on Sunday night. Here, complete with the original Cam Spelling, are […]

        The Parenting Olympics

        I finish last in the Parenting Olympics. I admit that freely. You know that weird, unspoken competition that some parents get involved in, where their children are concerned? Where they are the MOST involved and do the BEST parenting around, and therefore their kids are the MOST AMAZING baseball player/ mathemetician/ solids-chewer/ whatever in […]