Free Toast

This morning I made Addie J some toast. When she saw it she yelled, “Oooh!! Fwee toast!! Gwama never makes me fwee toast!!!”

…so apparently, one of our mothers charges Addie for breakfast.

And an answer to my first Ask Julie question from Karen: If you were a communicable disease, what would you be?


    Ask Julie!

    Occasionally, I’ll run into someone who reads my blog and says something like, “Oh my God it’s you I can’t believe it you are my hero you are even more beautiful than I imagined can I have your autograph?”

    Clearly, not really (but I can dream). Actually they will often say, “I always wonder […]

      Random Friday Blog

      *Rest in peace Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson. Yesterday at dinner, I found the Thriller video on Youtube and played it for the kids. They were less than impressed: “Are those zombies? I thought he was a werewolf. Where’s the werewolf? He dances weird. Who is that?” was their basic reaction. Cretins.


        Hot Mess Revisited: Mark Sanford

        Looks like I may have jumped the gun a bit with the Hot Mess, huh? Now, South Carolina governor Mark Sanford is asking forgiveness for running away to Argentina for 5 days, to break up with his mistress. I have 3 things to say about this:

        1. Governor Sanford, are you the only person […]

          Hot Mess of the Week: Perez Hilton

          So Perez Hilton is a man who has become a celebrity by blogging about celebrities. And Twitter is a means by which you can keep everyone abreast of your every. single. move. Last night, the two collided in an awesome display of self-centeredness and ludicrosity. I can’t believe I’m typing this, but last night […]

            Selective Blindness

            This evening, we took the kids to an ice cream place here in New Lenox. For some reason, the employee brought our soft serve to the counter while holding a trash bag. Then, as she was putting the lids on, one of the cups slid sideways. She caught it, ice cream facing down, by […]

              Let me get this on the record:

              It is June 18. We are exactly nine days into summer vacation. During those nine days, here are just some of the activities my kids have participated in:

              -6 soccer practices

              -4 soccer games

              -3 trips to the library (and yes, once again I got the Stone Cold Face of Judgment from someone working […]

                Did You Know….

                That a betta fish, such as the fish owned by my daughter Gabby and called Billy Bubble, can magically change color? Like, one day he might be his normal, red-and-purple color. (Or, maybe a muted, sick, fungus-covered version of red-and-purple. But that has nothing to do with this.) Then the next day, when Gabby […]

                  Hot Mess of the Week: Addison

                  This week’s Hot Mess is none other than my almost 3-year-old daughter, Addison Julia, better known as Addie J:

                  1. At her birthday party yesterday, JJ was so keyed up that she opened exactly one gift (clothes), said, “No thank you,” and ran away from the whole pile. I had to drag her back […]

                    My Holy Hairdo

                    Addison has taken to folding in half a little prayer card we received in the mail, and pretending she’s brushing my hair. Cam and Gabby refer to that in all seriousness as “Combing Mom’s Hair With Jesus.”

                    I just wanted to get that out there.