Pleasant Dinner Conversation

…or what passes for it in our house. Tonight we were having salad with strawberries, wild rice, and salmon grilled on a cedar plank (note to my family: Dave set the cedar plank on fire). And here is a snippet of conversation from our dinner:

ADDIE J [after eating exactly one piece of diced […]

    Phone calls

    I am in the office today, trying to take care of odds and ends because I won’t be back for at least a week. So far I’ve gotten the following phone calls from home:


      Public Service Announcement

      If you come to my house some time in the next few days, happen to see the adorable, perfect-looking, pink cupcakes on the counter, and think you might like to try them, know this:

      1. The kids mixed up the batter themselves. Using ingredients that may or may not be in the recipe (I […]

        Hot Mess of the Week: These Two People

        My friend Jen sent me a link to this wedding:

        She had lots to say about it, but I kind of feel like it speaks for itself. You may want to block out a couple of hours to deal with this. You’ll need about 15 minutes to look at the site, and an […]


          Here, for your reading pleasure, is a glimpse into our daily life: Dave saves EVERYTHING for the recycling bin. Even stuff that they DON’T RECYCLE like #6 plastic containers. So we have this recurring conversation that goes like this:

          DAVE: [carefully rinsing out a #6 plastic container]

          JULIE: Dave, they don’t take that.

          DAVE: […]

            Where Did We Go Wrong, part 1000

            In terms of wardrobe choices for the past week: Cam has been wearing shiny spandex UnderArmour shirts that are a size too small. Gabby, with great joy and happiness, chose the above shoes out of every shoe in the store. And JJ has spent part of this week wearing nothing but a pair of […]

              Quotes of the day….

              I have two Cute Kid Quotes for you today:

              1. I was reading the book “Goldilicious” with JJ. This book is about a little girl (Pinkalicious, for those of you who are familiar) and her imaginary friend Goldie, who is a unicorn.

              …or as JJ calls it, a “ME-nicorn.”

              And #2: I picked up […]

                Bridesmaid Insanity

                So my sister and I tried on some bridesmaid dresses yesterday, for my little brother’s wedding. As an experienced bridesmaid, I have worn dresses which were unflattering, expensive but cheaply made, badly altered, stupid color, or just plain heeeeeedeous (if you are reading this and I was in your wedding: don’t worry. I’m not […]

                  Hot Mess of the Week: This House

                  A friend of mine sent me a real estate listing link. I thought she was joking around and had somehow gotten her hands on a listing from 30 or 40 years ago… but no: this is dead-serious, 2009 real estate work going on here. Even the realtor’s photo has that, “I had to knock […]

                    ….And the rest of the Q & A…

                    I received one very special email, from a nasty and immature gentleman who has never been any good at sports of any kind. My answers follow, to those questions which could actually be posted. And to this gentleman himself: you know where you can go.

                    1. Is your husband really known as “Princess Dinky”?


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