Hell is “Where’s Waldo.”

I don’t really mind the “I Spy” series– I find the setups to be kind of interesting and involved, and most importantly they’re not that hard. But I frigging hate “Where’s Waldo” with a fiery passion. Therefore and in accordance with the laws of nature, my kids love it. They like to check these […]

    Get This:

    Last night I got a call from a friend, whose child just got a gecko that evening. She wanted to know how to take care of it.

    Let me drive that point home for you: she wanted my advice on how to keep a gecko alive. I’m flattered, but kind of worried that […]

      What. The. Hell.

      Addie J is trying to eat her corn on the cob while wearing mittens.

      I just do not even know.

        Why Is This a Concern?

        I was tucking in Addie J for a nap. She changed into her pajamas as she usually does, and as she snuggled into bed and I tucked her covers around her, she looked sleepily into my eyes and said, “Don’t let Daddy put my clothes on.”


          More Archives!!

          I’ve added some more material to the archives this evening. There’s some good stuff in there, with titles like “Tinfoil Death Match,” “I Ripped Off Half My Toenail” and “Gabby Scores One Off Some Geeks.”

          Plus, the further back we go, the closer we get to the archives from when I was pregnant […]

            Christmas lists....

            This weekend, Gabby and Cameron wrote some Christmas lists for their grandma. Later at home, they came to me with a list of additional items; here it is, complete with their creative spelling and my own reactions in parentheses:

            CAMERON 1. Collerd shirts and hoodies (WTF? Cameron thinks ‘collerd’ shirts are slow-choking torture devices.) […]

              Why I Hate Karaoke

              Over the weekend, Dave and I (along with several other innocent people) were manipulated into going to a karaoke bar. I say “manipulated” because there was only one person in this small group who wanted to sing karaoke. The rest of us made plans to hang out together at the hotel…. but “Everyone’s decided […]

                We’re Baaaaaack…

                Sorry for the posting lag; we were out of town for the weekend.  I tried to post something during our trip out on Friday, but something went wrong with my WordPress app and, as far as I know, it’s still in limbo, trying to decide whether to post my entry.  Believe me, I was […]


                  Before bed, Addie J said to me, “You’re a hootchie-cootchie mama.  Grandma said ride.  Number 5.”

                  Anyone?  Because I’m a little concerned that I’m going to need a young priest and an old priest.

                    Addie quote

                    As we were getting out the bread machine to make pizza dough (the only thing I ever use my bread machine for, by the way), Addie J took one look at the bag of flour and spontaneously created a haiku:

                     you cannot make

                    the pizza because

                    it is so yucky to me

                    Everyone’s a critic.

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