Halloween Candy PSA

Boredom in an orange wrapper.

Reese’s Whips? Supposedly a light and fluffy version of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? 

Don’t even.  It’s not worth the energy you would expend opening the wrapper.  Now I have to go cleanse my palate with whatever I can find in Addison’s treat […]

    An Open Letter to the Director of Addie J’s Preschool aka My Mom:

    Dear Mrs. Director:

    You may have oversold this morning’s “performance” a bit.  After you said there would be some singing and dancing, I was expecting some singing and dancing from the kids.  Instead I got exuberant singing and dancing from the teachers, lots of random activity from the ensemble, a couple of confused-looking preschoolers about 1/2 […]

      Save Me From Myself.

      I was helping Cam with his homework tonight; he was working on homophones, which are words that sound the same, but are spelled differently.  And the entire time, I realized later, I was calling them “homophobes.”  I was only marginally cheered by the sight of this tshirt, which proves that I’m not the only […]


        Today is Wear Your Pajamas Day at Gabby’s Irish Dance class.  Gabby has been very excited all week about this, and when I got home from my run this afternoon, she yelled down the stairs that she was “Picking out my jammies now!!!”  I could hear the smile in her voice, and I was […]

          Kids These Days…

          I have to send some prescription cough syrup to school with my 6-year-old today.  I seriously cannot believe the cushy life these kids have– there is no way in hell my mom would send me to school with cough syrup, and even if she did, no WAY would the school give it to me.  […]

            2009 H1N1 Watch Update:

            Gabby, as it turns out, does NOT have the flu as we had feared.  She’s just got some other raging virus that is keeping her up all night coughing, making her voice raspy, and making her feel– in her words– “a little less crazy than regular.”  This is perhaps my favorite description of illness ever.

            Given […]

              Guinness Book of Random Accomplishments

              There is a slide show currently on the MSNBC site, which showcases some of the more recent Guinness World Record-Holders. I watched this slide show with bemusement, confusion, and full-on alarm; I had no idea that some of these random acts would qualify as a world record of anything. Did you know, for example, […]

                A Note to my Children:

                I am not interested in the contents of your noses. I don’t want to see it, I don’t want to touch it, I do not want to watch you stretch it between your fingers, nor do I want to try stretching it between mine. I will not take possession of anything that you have […]

                  Guy Logic

                  JULIE: I’m going to go pick up Cam. DAVE: Actually, I need to buy something else to go with the chimichangas, so I’ll do it. Just– will you watch this chicken I’m poaching? JULIE: Sure. Hey– did you find those Euro pillows? DAVE: Oh, right– yes I did. Come and see.

                  [Both go upstairs […]

                    You know what I forgot about?

                    I forgot how, whenever there is any candy or anything really treat-tastic in the house, Addie J is totally focused on that treat until it is gone.  Over the weekend they went to their sitter’s Halloween party, and came home with incredible loot bags (plus she sent me a little pack of portable disposable […]

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