Eye of the Beholder…

This morning I carried Addie J down the stairs. She was giving me kisses the whole way down, which I mistook to be signs of affection. When we got to the kitchen she said, “Mama– I can’t kiss you! You nose is so big!! I can’t get you mouth!!!” The older two kids heard […]


    I really hope I step on a few more Cheerios today. I just really enjoy sweeping Cheerio dust off the floor.

    That is all.

      More archives….

      I have added more to the archives, including the time I wiped out full-length on the sidewalk and some discussion about personal hygiene habits in the workplace. I have about 200 more to add and I’ll let you know as I add them in. Enjoy!!

        Planning ahead..

        Next year, please remind me of the following things:

        1. It’s worth the extra buck and change to get the sprinkles in the shaker jar, not the tub. DON’T EVER CHEAP OUT AND GET THE TUB AGAIN. REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENS WHEN IT SPILLS.

        2. That tree is too big. So is that one. So […]

          Happy Thanksgiving!!

          You know you all wish you were snuggled up in a microfleece blanket, with a puppy, in a dog bed just your size. Here is Addie J relaxing with Riley the dog, after a Thanksgiving meal which– for her– consisted entirely of veggie dip. Also, if my brother-in-law dies tomorrow, this is because my […]


            Here’s a hypothetical: if your husband is out of town and you must bring your daughters along to parent-teacher conferences….. and one of your daughters is acting like a total psycho, much to your embarrassment…. and the other one catches the crazy just as her teacher is telling you how well-behaved she is in […]

              Professional Help Needed…

              Can you see the pink furry hat on top?

              Gabby sauntered casually past me just now in this outfit.  I said, “Gabby?  Why are you wearing that?”  And she replied, “Which part?” 

              There are so many concerns, and so many directions, and so many layers involved in every possible […]

                A Christmas Carol

                This photo is pretty representative of the whole experience.

                I took Cam and Gabby to A Christmas Carol at the Goodman Theatre yesterday.   We had such a great time!  Here are some Cam-and-Gabbyesque highlights:

                1. The Goodman is selling Christmas cookies and providing free decorating stations consisting of frosting and cookie markers.  Cameron added at […]

                  And on a totally related note:

                  For a few days now, I’ve had this weird itchy welt on my collarbone.  Dave saw it yesterday and fed into my paranoia by saying, “Oh my God– is that a burn?  Is it a welt?  Do you have hives?  What did you do??”  I jokingly replied, “It’s probably baby spiders,and they’re going to […]

                    Okay, seriously…

                    I don’t know who has been sticking pins in my voodoo doll, but A. your evil hex is working, and B. please cut it out.  I swear I’ve learned my lesson.  So if you could please stop cursing my left eyelid, my right pinky toe, my daughter’s ability to sleep through the night, my […]

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