Crafts Redux

Today, it’s more Paperoni (kill me now) and a Suncatcher.  Although: Gabby is wearing the WEIRDEST freaking outfit right now.  She’s got so many clashing patterns that I keep thinking she’s moving toward me.  This is making it difficult for me to do crafts with her (yeah, that must be the reason). 

PS– Theoretically: […]

    Addie J and her Sense of Entitlement

    Remember when you were 3, and everything in the world existed solely for your pleasure?  Even the dog?? 

    This is how she rolls, ladies and gentlemen.  This is how she rolls.

      Top Ten Christmas Memories

      Don't you wish you could sleep through church in your grandma's arms?

      10. Although Addie J hit her head in the same place three times and now looks like I tried to bust her skull open (I didn’t, obviously.  Put down your phones)….. NO CHRISTMAS EMERGENCY ROOM VISIT THIS YEAR!!!!!!  This is, like, […]

        Dear Santa….

        Since Santa will no doubt be taking my children’s advice and bringing these back to the North Pole, I thought I would post a photo of the notes Cameron and Gabby wrote to Santa Claus.  May your days be merry and bright…. and may your children not awaken you in the morning by peeling […]

          Merry Christmas!!

          I will be doing some Christmas-y traveling and crap over the next few days.  I have been trying to post the insanity here- but for example, I spent a large portion of today 1. trying unsuccessfully to see patients in Gabby’s new DS game, “Pet Vet” (does anyone know how to get the freaking patients in the waiting […]


            “Let’s paint a picture on this canvas!” I said. 

            “Sure, go ahead and make hand prints on it!” I said.

            “Nah, don’t worry about that towel,” I said.

            “Or that one.  Or your shirt.  Or your face….. or the table… the chair…. the floor….. please don’t touch the wall…….why is there paint on your […]

              Something’s Wrong Here.

              This morning, I was innocently checking out ugly tattoos on the Internet finishing up some work for next semester, when Addie J started calling me from upstairs: “Mom!  Help!!!”  I said, “What’s wrong?” 

              “I’m dead!”

              I looked up.  Mostly I was thinking, “Why would she say that?  What does that even mean to a 3-year-old?  […]

                If You’re Having Trouble…

                I would also accept as a gift, this Care Bears van.

                …finding a Christmas gift for me, then it’s your lucky day.  Based on what I saw today on the highway, I clearly need a powder-blue Altima with chrome EVERYWHERE, baby shoes hanging from the rear-view, and a giant decal on both sides that reads “Bad […]

                  Must improve censor….

                  I was reminded at dinnertime that Cameron is not a young child anymore, and the jokes that used to go over his head, may no longer do so.  Dave made dinner– meatballs and spaghetti– and I had been teasing him because he researched his own recipe for meatballs instead of using my superior better […]


                    I ran out of candy for the Advent calendar this morning– you’ll recall that I can’t keep all the little sections stocked with candy or else Addie J spends the day stealing it, then telling on herself. I had planned on getting some today, but time got away from me, and when the kids […]

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