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You have all been so patient this week; sorry I haven’t posted any more Addie Chronicles in a couple of days.  Here’s a link to the latest 3 or 4, beginning with a photo of me at 28 weeks.  You can really see how my neck swelled up like a frog’s in this shot… […]

    Gabby is so damn funny.

    I took the Gabster to CVS this evening.  We walked out into the garage, and for some reason I started teasing her by holding her shoulders and moving her where I wanted her, giving running commentary: “Walking… walking….. turning….. opening….. climbing…. sitting….” and when she was in the car, I yanked her hat down […]

      Dinner conversation…

      This is a snippet of the conversation around our dinner table this evening:

      CAM: Mom, guess what I can fit between my front teeth.

      JULIE: The car.

      CAM: No!!!

      JULIE: No?  Dad can.  What do you think we do when we’re downtown and can’t find a parking space?


      GABBY: Daddy, open your mouth….. […]

        The girls…..

        …so it’s been a crazy couple of days, and I was gone all day today.  I got home tonight and opened a beer, then turned on some music, sat down in my chair, and closed my eyes.  Immediately some silent alarm went off that only little girls can hear: “Mom’s relaxing!! Mom sat down!!!  […]

          “Very very dead”

          That’s what Addie J told me was her condition a few moments ago.  “Are you doing okay, J?”  I said; “No,” came the reply.  “I’m very, very dead!”

          You’ll be interested to hear that all you need to resurrect a corpse is a piece of gum.

            I’m probably going to hell for this…

            Addie J was chasing Cam around the house yesterday.  I don’t even know what she was “threatening” him with, but they were both dying laughing so it was probably a My Little Pony or something.  Anyway, as they rounded the corner, careening off my chair for the bazillionth time, Addie yelled:

            “COME BACK HERE, YOU PUSSY…..




              DAVE: What time do you have to be at WTTW tomorrow?

              JULIE: It’s not at WTTW, I’m meeting him on the west side.

              DAVE: Oh, I thought you said WTTW.

              JULIE: Nope.

              [Julie lapses back into her earlier train of thought]

              JULIE: It’s so annoying when an author uses himself or herself as the model […]

                Exploding Coke…

                Cameron and his friend, Louden, have been having an epic sleepover weekend, and I think we’ve reached a point of total insanity.  They just told me that they would “serve me all day” if I let them shake up Cokes and explode them all over the back yard.  And God help me, because they’re […]

                  Archive Update:

                  You’ve got a few more archived entries today, starting here.   I’m working on getting more up for you although that involves not having someone need something from me every. waking. second….. so it’ll be either later tonight, early tomorrow, or when hell freezes over.  I’ll let you know which happens first…

                  Thanks for reading […]


                    Gabby asked me to take her to Michael’s on Saturday morning, to buy supplies for a Valentine’s Day gift for Daddy.  I thought this was sweet, and I was further charmed by how she plotted a way to keep Dave from knowing where we had gone (we would tell him we went to Starbucks).  […]

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