More Quotes from the J

This morning, as she wrapped her little arms around my head and suffocated me against her hair: “I barely love you, Mommy.”

Running to the door to see her aunt Jill: “Pair of underwear!!  It’s Jill-Jill!!!””

This morning at breakfast, for which I made oatmeal-banana pancakes: “Mommy I cannot eat this because it is […]

    Dear Everyone in the School Drop-Off Line:

    We got a new car over the weekend.  I realize that most of you don’t know this about me, but I don’t care about cars.  Like, I couldn’t possibly be more disengaged from this whole situation– all I want is a car that starts when I turn the key, holds all my kids and […]

      I'm in over my head.

      This morning I was in the shower, and Addie J came swanning into the bathroom in one of her signature outfits: Halloween leggings under size 2T orange print shorts with a purple tshirt and white socks under white sandals.  Her mullet, courtesy of her sister, was in fine form.  She said to me, “Mommy, can I rule […]

        Fun With Telemarketers

        We’ve had the same telemarketers calling us for the past week or so.  (Side note: years ago when my brother and I were living together, any time a telemarketer called the house, he would tell them, “Oh, hold on– Julie wanted to talk to you,” and hand me the phone.  and I would be […]

          More Addie Chronicles…

          I’ve added a few more; click here to start reading about my placenta moving out of the way (1. gross; and 2. I just did a search of the word ‘placenta’ to find that page, and this is not the only entry in which I use the word ‘placenta.’  Just sayin.’)  and all about how […]

            Shamrock Shuffle High Points

            I ran the Shamrock Shuffle yesterday with a couple of friends.  Here are the high points:

            1.  It was cold.

            2. So.  Frigging.  Cold.

            3. But we found someone’s “Free Beer” tag on the ground, so we got an extra free beer!!!

            4. This year’s Person With a Crazy Infirmity Who Still Managed To Beat Me: […]

              Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

              Look how excited Dave is, to be setting up a leprechaun trap once again this year.

              So, mainly because I started a foolish tradition back before I considered the sheer drudgery of doing this every year, the kids always make a leprechaun trap and leave it out the night before St. Patrick’s Day.  […]

                How Does She Work These Situations??

                I am currently typing with one hand, because with the other I am busy cradling and consoling Addie J.  You see: she stole my chai and then spilled it all over the end table.  So, somehow, I need to make her feel better about the whole sequence of events.

                Boys and girls, this is […]

                  Things I Never Thought I Would Say, part 5,368

                  There are a lot of things that I never thought I would say as a parent; “Because I said so” probably topping the list.  (Although: the day I call myself “Mom the Maid,” I have officially become my mother.)  Cam had a slumber party last night for his birthday, so my sister Betsy called […]

                    Food Critics, Episode 7 Million

                    So I made this really delicious soup for dinner.  Seriously, it was so good; Dave thought it was awesome and I thought it was awesome and it was just yummy.  The kids’ opinion, though, wasn’t good.

                    Here are the girls, just giving their bowls the side-eye:

                    Yes, that is a Jewel sticker on […]

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