*Yesterday after Irish Dance, Gabby and I were rocking out in the car with our Starbucks.  The song on the radio was “Tik Tok” by Kesha (I refuse to use a dollar sign as an S).  And I want to thank Kesha for the moment wherein Gabby asked me, “What does it mean when […]

    Food Critics, Again.

    Before I begin, I feel the need to point out that, a week or two ago, Cam’s friend Louden told me that I was “the best cook of all my friends’ moms.”  To be truthful, he said it about a peanut butter sandwich made with creamy peanut butter– which I specifically bought for when Louden comes over– but I […]

      Is it just my house?

      Getting the kids ready for school in the morning is nearly impossible, and I don’t know why.  They shower the night before, they pick out their clothes the night before, all we have to do in the morning is get dressed, brush teeth, do hair and eat breakfast. … yet we can’t hack it.  And […]

        My Dad the Hero (well, not MY dad. Although he is a hero too. But anyway:)

        Cam had an assignment to write an essay on his hero, and he chose Dave. Now, had he chosen me you literally would not be able to fit my head through the door, I’d be so full of myself– but Dave is taking it with much more maturity than I would have displayed. For […]


          So yesterday, the kids got a package from Grandma in the mail, just some little thinking-of-you gifts. They were ecstatic, especially Addie J who went totally psycho: throwing the box in the air, squeezing the Zhu Zhu pets in her hands like Lenny from Of Mice and Men, trying to bite open the plastic […]

            Public Service Announcement:

            I’d like to tell everyone who saw Addie J today, that I had no part in her outfit.

            I also was not home when Dave took her out in public in that outfit.

            That is all.

              In Over my Head, Part 1,253

              [Addie and Gabby are fighting in the back yard.]

              JULIE: You guys: quit fighting!!

              [Fighting continues]

              JULIE: GUYS!! Cut it out!!!

              [Fighting continues]


              GABBY: ADDIE J: GABBY: Mommy? Don’t we have any other choices?

                Will I go to hell…..

                …..if Addie J wiped out in a department store today and my first, surprised reaction was to laugh? 

                I mean, if you take into account that she’s fine; she just got up and kept walking; she didn’t notice me laughing; and it was a really, really spectacular wipeout including full-body contact with the floor […]

                  New Addie Chronicles!

                  Here is the link to the last of the Addie Chronicles before she was born, plus the entry describing her birthday.  I am sitting here, remembering how we went to Chili’s for lunch while I was in labor (I had really long, long, long, longass labors) and needed to check in with my doctor, […]

                    Addie Chronicles update….

                    Here is the link to the last few posts before I actually had Addie J.  The last entry was written when I was two days overdue and tried to shave my bikini line, even though I was too huge to see it.  Major carnage ensued as you might imagine.  I also included a photo taken on […]

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