Heard From the Other Room…

Gabby and her cousins are playing in the other room. Here are some things I’ve overheard and am choosing to ignore:

~ Gabby, don’t you think that will make your mom mad? ~ Ice wizards can only deal with ICE. REGULAR wizards can do ANYTHING. ~ Is that broken? ~ Fine. You can tell me […]


    I had a bit of a tough week last week, guys. There was some various life stuff going on, which included a friend going through something big, Dave being in Texas all week– and then on Saturday I got a phone call that my sweet cousin Julie– who was also my goddaughter- had died […]

      Repetition, anyone?

      Addie J is the repeatingest repeater who ever served as her own tape recorder, and it’s going to be the death of me.  Here’s the soundtrack of my life right now:

      ADDIE J: Can I have a snack?  Can I have a snack?  Can I have a snack?  Can I have a snack?  Can […]

        The Best Wedding Gift Ever…

        If you’ll be in the Chicago area tomorrow, tune in the Cubs game in the afternoon, because get this:  my brother Mikey will be throwing out the first pitch– a wedding gift from his brand-new wife Erin!!

        Throwing out the first pitch at a Cubs game is Mikey the sports fanatic’s childhood dream, so it’s a […]


          ~Will there ever come a time when at least 66% of my children do not immediately need to take a dump, as soon as we go out in public?

          ~How many more times will I have to yell, “Hey!  We do not take off our clothes at Jimmy John’s!”

          ~Is it okay to laugh […]

            Silly Bandz and I Cannot Stop Giggling

            Silly Bandz, as you can see from the photo, are little stretchy bracelets in the shape of animals.  Or musical instruments.  Or princess stuff.  You know, whatever– and if you have a child under the age of 15 then I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.  As Cam said to me when […]

              Non Sequiturs

              Addie J has said the following things to me in the past few days.  I really think she’s got a screw loose somewhere:

              ~Mommy, snakes jump to get away from space monkeys.

              ~Mommy.  I cannot wear these pants because they are too serious.

              ~Mommy, can we drive down that street?  [Dave was driving, not […]