Speaking of Dave:

I just returned home from Expectation Night at school, and  Dave and I had the following conversation:

DAVE: How was it?

JULIE: Fine.  But: what do you think is the significance of the number 42?

DAVE: The number of times you fell down at Expectation Night.




DAVE: Oh, come ON.  You know you […]


    …..If I were to buy a box of Frosted Mini-Wheats (because some part of me secretly belongs to AARP and finds them delicious), and then I were to open them, then start grading papers and lose track of the box….

    ….and if I were to then discover that my 4-year-old child– who weighed 29 […]

      Moshi Monsters and Vegan Cupcakes

      Dear People Who Came Up With Moshi Monsters, an Online Game Where Kids Can Create Their Own Lovable Monster and Then Spend Every Moment of Their Time Caring for This Thing to Keep it Alive:

      I hate you.

      Hugs and kisses,



      Dear Lovely Little Vegan Cafe Where I Bought Two “Chocolate […]

        All Kinds of YES.

        So the other day, I came home and Dave was looking all smirky about the face.  I spent 5 minutes trying to ignore it and then was like, “For the love of god, WHAT already?!?!?!”  ….And he whipped out a catalog that came in the mail for me.

        A little history for you: in […]

          First Day of School and the Party Goody Bag

          I think the first day of school is a total waste.  Half-day, nothing gets done, they send home a bunch of new forms for us to fill out which they could easily give out at another time…. AND there’s Walk-Through day, AND THEN there’s Expectation Night.  I honestly think these events could be consolidated to […]

            Braces, now??

            Cam had his initial appointment with an orthodontist yesterday, and I officially got shafted when I had braces.  Mine were these huge, clunky, painful metal shackles.  Every 3 weeks I had to go and get them tightened, which meant that every 3 weeks I had to stop eating solid food.  And I haven’t even […]

              The zoo sucks.

              This photo perfectly captures yesterday's zoo experience. I feel you, kid.

              I took the kids to the zoo yesterday, and can we all agree that the zoo is not the great, fun activity it always seems like it will be at the outset?  Here are the events surrounding the zoo trip:

              1. Took […]

                Just so you know…

                I hate “Adventure Time.”  I hate everything about it.  I hate the way it’s drawn, I hate its stupid theme song, I hate the subject matter, I hate the vocal performances and the color palette makes my left eyelid twitch.  So naturally, it stands to reason that my girls would adore it.  Addie J refers […]

                  By Popular Demand…..

                  ….and just so you know, I was running with my sister and friend this morning and they asked me where I found my phone.  I had to stop running because I was so grossed out telling them about it that my throat closed up.  (This is an actual physical reaction that I get.  Ask Dave– […]


                    Don't be fooled by the "Angel" tshirt. These are the tools of Satan.

                    ….should be renamed the Ninth Level of Hell. 

                    And lest there be any doubt: there is a limit to my girlie factor.  Wanna know how many times the birthday guests requested the song “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift?  Answer: only slightly fewer […]

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