So it’s Saturday morning….

…. the kids have been up since like 6am (I shouldn’t really begin there, since Dave got up and dealt with them while I rolled over and slept for another hour.  Thanks, Grave!).  Cam’s cousin, Brett, spent the night, and the boys are currently terrorizing the girls.  It took me about 12 hours to shower […]


    ~I learned this morning that the waiting room of an auto glass repair center is potentially the most dull and depressing place in the world.  Nay– the UNIVERSE. 

    ~Remember the trip to the Halloween store, where all the scary stuff was right across from the kids’ section and she kept asking to turn on the […]

      WWJD, continued…

      So naturally, I opened the letter. In short, Gabby wants to be pen pals with “Hades.”  I asked her why, and she said that it’s cool that ‘Hades’ makes fire and “maybe he’d be nice if someone is nice to him.”  Essentially: Gabby was positing that the devil gets a bad rap.

      So I spent some time sweating over […]


        Gabby just walked up to me, opened my desk drawer, and said, “I need a stamp.”  “What are you mailing?”  I said, reaching in the drawer.  “Hades,” she replied nonchalantly.  I pulled back my hand.  “What?  Let me see it.”  And I offer you Exhibit A:

        Translation: “To Hades.  Oh– my name is […]

          I Spy… but apparently I don’t make any sense.

          JULIE: JJ, want to play I Spy while we wait for the kids?

          ADDIE J: Yes!  Yes!!

          JULIE: Okay.  I Spy something that is red.

          ADDIE J: My Coka-dot on my tights.

          JULIE: No, not the polkadot on your tights.

          ADDIE J: Yes it is.  My Coka-dot is red.  See?

          JULIE: I know, but […]

            The Freakout

            Addie J has learned the term “freak out,” and it’s taking over my universe.  Examples from, like, the last 15 minutes:

            ~Mom, I can’t go outside in my bare feet!  If I step on a spider I will fweak out.

            ~Miss Barb, if you cut off all my mom’s hair I will fweak out.


              Gabby’s Christmas List, Redux

              I know it's hard to read. With that orange ink, it's no easier in person.

              Oh, God.

              Gabby’s come up with another Christmas list. Remember the one she put together for me about a month ago, and I told her to try again?  …I know it’s hard to read and/ or comprehend, so […]