For the Hearoes

Gabby created this card for Veterans Day, which her school is going to send to those stationed overseas as a thank-you for everything they do to keep our world safe:

When I first looked at this card, it filled me with glee: I love the old-school bombs dropping out of the […]

    Force of Nature

    Gabby and I had a particularly difficult day today.  I tell her often that her personality is as big as the sky– and that’s true.  Trouble is: there are certain places and situations that don’t have room for the whole sky.  School, for example.  (Or any checkout line— but that’s another post entirely.)  And when […]

      I understand that this is my fault.

      I have injured my right middle finger. It’s totally killing me; it’s all swollen and bruised and I will most likely have to have it amputated very shortly or risk death by septicemia.  (And, you  know: I really NEED that right middle finger some days, especially during rush hour, but that’s another topic.)  I am typing […]

        Twenty Questions

        In the car today, I tried playing Twenty Questions rather than I Spy.  It didn’t go any better:

        JULIE: Okay, I’ve got something in mind.  It’s vegetable.

        CAM’S FRIEND: Can you eat it?

        JULIE: No.  Gabby’s turn.

        GABBY: Is it red?

        JULIE: No.  Cam’s turn.

        CAM: Is it spicy?

        JULIE: No.  Addie J’s turn.


          Know what I’ve been meaning to tell you?

          Dave’s company car is a Chrysler 300, which is silver grey and basically looks exactly like this photo:

            We’ve been more or less ribbing him about it since the day he got it– because, the thing is– if this car was white instead of grey, it would indisputably be an Old […]

            I know my husband so well.

            I'm not saying that Dave thinks this is what I would do to the windshield…. but would some subconscious part of his mind constantly worry about exactly this result? ….Yes. Yes it would.

            Last week we had the windshield replaced on the Saab.  I had been waiting for that replacement before I attached […]

              Three Random Questions:

              1. When the kids are freaked out by a gross bug, so I pick it up and handle it to show them it’s no big deal, can they tell that in my head I’m screaming at the top of my lungs?

              2. Will Addie J ever, ever, EVER stop taking a bite out of […]

                Halloween QOTD

                This is from Gabby, after we went to the home that always hands out full-size candy bars with religious leaflets wrapped around them.  This year Gabby came running back to me shouting, “A dollar bill!!!  A dollar bill!!!!!” and it sure looked like there was a dollar wrapped around her candy bar….

                Later when […]

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