Hits and Misses

Cam has basically said these things to me every ten minutes since Christmas.

Today, two days after Christmas, I can see some early front-runners in the game of “Which Gifts Are the Biggest Hit?”  Here are my observations so far:

1. Pulse Slither Scooter

This appeared next to Cameron’s pile on Christmas morning, and it’s […]

    Christmas Guest Blogger: My Mom

    Mom and me at Mikey's wedding. Check out her gorgeous dress (and please ignore my tan lines).

    [Merry Christmas!!

    I was sitting in my parents’ living room this morning, surrounded by our typical Christmas insanity: kids and toys and wrapping paper and noise and laughter, etc (also holding a screwdriver on ice– thanks, Mikey).  Then my […]

      Merry Christmas’!

      I mean, really. Does this not drive you insane???

      So I came home this evening from a production meeting to find a whole bunch of Christmas cards waiting.  Which I love.  And I picked up the first one and saw that my friend Jenni had added an apostrophe to her last name– in […]

        Sleep Wars

        Dave was out of town last night (stand down, all cat burglars and criminals.  He’s back now), which in our house means I get to sleep with Addie J instead of my husband.  I put her to bed at her usual time and, like clockwork, she wakes me up around 1am and gets in bed […]

          Place your bets….

          Know how you can tell this isn't me? …I'd be on fire.

          Okay, so a couple of my running buddies and I have signed up for the Warrior Dash.  I wanted to do this last year, but I was busy taking a romantic vacation to my beloved New Orleans with my husband (I know– such […]

            Food Critics

            Before we begin, I would like to state for the record that we were having the same dinner that was vehemently rejected last night: roast turkey.  The only difference is that, instead of green beans, we had it with carrot and celery sticks.

            GABBY: Mom, can I have a little more?

            JULIE: Sure, sweetie.

            CAM: […]

              “Happy Holidays from the Beck’s!!!!!”

              [Editor’s Note: Just typing that title gave me the twitches.]

              We are at that time of year when everyone sends out holiday cards.  I love getting cards from my loved ones here, and from those in Massachusetts and NOLA and other places which are too far for me to see them often enough.  I […]

                “…and a circle with a line through it? No problem.”

                My dad got his last dose of radiation last week.  Which is great– now he’ll have a little time to recover from this before the next step.  It got pretty rough on him towards the end, and as anyone else who has gone through a course of radiation knows, completing it is a big deal.  It is a real testament to my […]

                  How to Keep a Straight Face, Part 6 Billion

                  The other night, I sent Addie J into the bathroom to brush her teeth.  About 15 minutes later, I realized she was still in there with the door closed.  I thought, “Oh, crap,” and walked over and knocked, then opened the door. 

                  I tried to open it, anyway.  The door opened about 3 inches and then […]

                    I never used cloth diapers.

                    So cute, right? Everyone is so happy! ….. This is not what changing time was like at my house.

                    And the thing is, it seems like I would have cuz I’m like that: I made all my own organic baby food (I also helped Jill make all of baby Lila’s food a few […]

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