Well, My Head Will Never Fit Through the Door Now:

Last night I was introduced to the Akinator, who is the magic genie who plays 20 Questions and guesses the person– real or fictional, alive or dead– you are thinking of. Last night it correctly guessed almost every character we threw at it, from Queen Hatshepsut to Jojo from Horton Hears a Who. I played it with the […]

    Just a Note:

    After a full week of gluttony, I am currently having organic salad greens for lunch. For this I thank my sister Jill, who gave me a huge bag of them yesterday– possibly in an attempt to keep my cholesterol level below 2000.

    My kids, though, are lost causes. Cammy and his throat (got another […]

      Random Incidents of the Day

      1. Cammy is feeling so loved by all the comments and love he has received. It’s very sweet. He’s had several friends stop by today too– thanks Brett, Nick, and Jon- and I am reminded what nice kids Cam hangs out with.

      2. His mouth has been too tender to really show me the […]

        Cam Update: All is Well.

        Thanks for the thoughts and well-wishes. Cam, minus tonsils and adenoids (adenoid? How many adenoids do we have? I thought it was two, but the aftercare info keeps referring to it in the singular and now I’m like, did my baby just have surgery AND I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW MANY THINGS THEY TOOK […]

          Say A Prayer for My Baby Boy.

          At his checkup yesterday, Cam's pediatrician said to me, "What a beautiful boy this is!" And isn't he though?

          Yes, I know he’s 10– he will always and forever be my only baby boy and we’re both totally fine with that.

          Tomorrow Cammy will have a tonsillectomy. I hate the idea of putting […]


            Gabby got the game of Clue from Santa, and it has been an unqualified HIT. We’ve been playing it nonstop since then, and weirdly, Colonel Mustard has been the murderer 75% of the time (and Gabby refuses to call him “Colonel.” I keep saying, “You know Gabby, I’m sure the Colonel would appreciate it […]

              Guess Who’s Feeling Better?

              Cancer is a total fucking roller coaster of bullshit and there is no gentle way to say that. Lucky for us, my dad just keeps coming back every time. To lead off your Christmas festivities I bring you this report: Dad is looking, sounding, and feeling more like himself.

              Merry Christmas.


                We Are Easily Amused.

                We are watching Cupcake Wars once again, and Dave and I agreed that the best part of this show is when Florian Bellanger, the imperious baker with Pepe le Pew’s accent, berates a contestant for their efforts. “I love when he’s like, ‘Dees eez a plate ov crap,’ ” I said, and Dave started […]

                  I’ll Leave You With This:

                  I just came home– I had one glass of wine so I’m stone cold sober– and opened up the kitchen closet to hang up my jacket. The aluminum foil box fell out of its rack and I tried to catch it– remember, totally sober.

                  And instead of catching it, I simply sliced open my […]

                    I Love Newsletters.

                    Not even being facetious– I love hearing what my friends and family have been up to over the past year. And I admit that I ALSO love the occasional cracked-out newsletter– you know, the one you get from your former coworker or the parents of that kid who invited your child to their preschool birthday party […]

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