Deictic Framing and Despicable Me

[Ed. Note: how’d you like that fifty-cent word in the title?]

JULIE: Addie, I’m ready to color that picture with you now.

ADDIE J: Which picture?

JULIE:  The one of Despicable Me.

ADDIE J: What?!?!?!??

JULIE: … the one of Despicable Me….?

ADDIE J: That is not the name of that picture, Mommy!!


    I just can’t with this.

    Addie J came downstairs earlier like this:

    I said, “…………. Why.”

    And Addie told me proudly, “These pockets stick out.  So I fixed them.”

      I may need some character witnesses.

      I took Addie J to Starbucks this morning after my workout, and she chose a long table where there were already two people having some sort of meeting.  I started to tell her to sit elsewhere, but they both said, “No– please stay.  She’s so cute!” etc.  Then they chatted her up, thusly:

      [I […]

        Call in a specialist?

        I just found a half-finished worksheet of Cammy’s from Thanksgiving, detailing the things he is thankful for.  I’m trying to figure out whether I’ve gone horribly wrong as a parent, or if I’m fine but Cammy is addicted to crystal meth:


        1. Umbrellas

        2. Chicken

        3. Hairy Monkies

        4. Race Cars


          Dave and Blue Steel

          So, Dave’s work car had reached the end of its life in the fleet, and he was getting a new car.  In fact, everyone who got a new car had their cars made just for them, according to their specifications, and Dave carefully chose the options on his car.  “What color did you get?” I […]

            Guest Blogger: My Dad

            [This morning, I dropped the kids at school and stopped to see my dad on the way to a meeting.  He said, “Do you need something for your blog?”  When I read the letter he gave me, I decided to come home and post it before heading out again.]

            Well, it’s been three weeks […]

              I just want to say this:

              Little Lord Douchington, right?

              I really wish Justin Bieber would go sit down somewhere.  I’d like to not know anything about him, and yet I know WAY TOO MUCH including the fact that he comes off really bratty and entitled.

              And there’s a magazine at the gym which has some photos of him […]

                Points to Ponder:

                When kids are standing in the bathroom, and they realize they’re about to throw up, why do they then immediately run to a room that is carpeted and throw up on the floor?  Does it have anything to do with the reason a 14-year-old dog lying on the kitchen floor will suddenly jump up […]

                  Oh, Celebrity Moms: How You Enlighten Me.

                  If you close one eye and jump up and down, this could almost be Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter before his makeup call.

                  So I was innocently online, looking for confetti cannons (you can tell one of my shows is opening soon) when I came across a blog by Mayim Bialik, better […]

                    Favorite Things for Wednesday….

                    ~Addie J’s lisp, and the way she asked me tonight if, tomorrow, we could “Thtay home and chill out.”

                    ~The fact that Cameron thinks we somehow can’t hear him playing games on his Zune after we send him to bed. 

                    ~The fact that, some night soon, I’m going to sneak upstairs and catch him in the […]

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