Good news and bad news…

We got some good news/ bad news this morning: Dad is having more surgery tomorrow.  This is good because it means regaining the use of that leg.  And it is bad because it means my parents cannot accompany us to NOLA for Mardi Gras.  It is also bad because I’m having a very hard […]

    My friends know me so well.

    So I had SO.  MUCH.  FUN. over the weekend.  I thought you would all appreciate the photos below.  This one was taken at about 2am Friday (or, I guess, Saturday), after the bar had already closed but the bartender was letting us hang out while she cleaned up:

    Kinda grainy, I know. That’s […]

      Things I Love

      I was sitting in dress rehearsals last night (or, more accurately, sitting, then standing up and moving to another seat to check that angle, then putting on my headset and talking to the board operator, then furiously writing notes, leaning sideways and looking up at the grid, muttering to myself, ad infinitum).  The director came over […]

        Quote of the Day:

        This one is from the J:

        “Mommy, Gabby just won’t knuckle under.”

        I said, “I know, Addie J.  I know.”

          Mother of the Year Awards: the Carseat Edition

          I know I haven’t updated in a few days, and that makes me suck as a blogger.  I would list for you all the crazy things going on in my life right now, and tell you about all the rehearsals and cue writing and focuses that are happening (which are also the reasons why I just barely dragged […]

            Angelo Bonadonna

            Angelo Bonadonna, 1985-2011.

            My dear friend Jane comes from a gigantic (really, like: enormous), loving, close family.  A few weeks ago her cousin Angelo, who had been teaching in Thailand, died while hiking near a waterfall.  Janey sent the email below to our close group of friends, which like an idiot […]


              Gabby has essentially been a vegetarian since I was pregnant with her and craved fresh fruit and raw vegetables day and night (seriously.  Ask Dave).  She lives on produce and carbs.  So the following conversation from this morning was…. let’s say “unusual:”

              JULIE: What do you want for your snack, Gabs?

              GABBY: Do we have any […]


                The kids and I were watching a movie tonight.  I was snuggled up to Addie J and stroking her hip, when I realized I could feel an underwear line.  I said, “JJ, are you wearing underwear?”

                Still focused on the movie, she replied without looking at me, “No, I don’t like to wear underwear.  […]

                  Lady Gaga in an Egg at the Grammys

                  I could tell you this was a still from "Buck Rogers" and you'd totally buy it. Am I right?

                  [I love that I had occasion to type those words, in that order, for the title.]

                  Sometimes, when my kids are trying to get my attention, they will do some of the […]

                    Happy Valentine’s Day, Take II!

                    This morning Dave left early.  When I got up about 20 minutes later, I found a chai waiting for me on the bathroom counter with the words “I love you!” written on the rim (nice touch, Dave.  Or: I think the barrista has a thing for you, Dave).  Then kids each had a card for me, […]

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