File This Under: Why We Will Soon Be Asked to Leave the Congregation

…well, it DOES have a veil, kinda…

So Gabby tells me last night that she’s been thinking very hard, and she’s chosen just the outfit for her First Communion (I mean, “First Eucharist.”  That’s what we’re supposed to call it now.  Also, “Confession” is now called “Reconciliation.”  Needless to say I can’t remember […]

    Ego Check

    Cameron asked me how many people read my blog.  I said, “Well, let’s see how many people read it today.”  A second later, we were checking out my page views.  Cameron said, “Wow, that’s a lot, Mom!”  I answered airily, “I don’t know what to tell you, Cam.  Your mother is a very popular […]

      “What Did You Just Say?” of the Day

      Yesterday was Cammy’s birthday slumber party, and we took him and his friends rock climbing in the afternoon.  Addie J was really excited.  She’s normally fearless, so I didn’t think twice about harnessing her up, clipping her in to the line right next to mine, and letting her climb alongside me.  And she was great […]

        Addie Needs Moms

        I took Addie and Cam to see the movie Mars Needs Moms this afternoon.  In this movie, a kid’s mom is kidnapped by Martians and taken to their planet to be used and then destroyed.  Addie was watching the space ship take off with the boy’s mom captive inside, as the boy chased the ship […]

          QOTD and an Early-Morning Lesson

          Your Majesty, I can see you're pissed but I explained your whole deal to Addie J this morning. Please don't behead anyone.

          The lesson I learned this morning: no matter how you try, it is impossible to explain to a 4-year-old how to handle a cowl-neck sweater.

          And the quote of the […]

            Of Course You Didn’t

            ADDIE J: Mommy, you really have good taste.

            JULIE: Really?

            ADDIE J: Uh-huh.

            JULIE:  Thanks, Addie!

            ADDIE J: You’re welcome.


            ADDIE J: Mommy?

            JULIE: Yes, J?

            ADDIE J: I didn’t really mean that.

            JULIE: Yep.  Didn’t think so.


              This artwork, aptly named "Overheard" by Greg Gossel, summarizes exactly how I felt.

              You know those situations when you have no choice but to overhear another person’s conversation?  Like if you are on the train or next to their table at a restaurant?  I overheard a conversation today that reminded me of an […]


                You know what’s helpful to someone who is vacuuming?  When another person moves around the furniture and coaxes the very old dog out of the way. 

                You know what’s not helpful?  Following that person around and screaming the following litany:


                  Honesty, Courtesy of Addie J

                  GABBY: Mommy, Addie J won’t stop playing with the dollhouse and Lauren and I just finished fixing it up like an animal hospital!

                  ADDIE J: I just want to put my animal in too.  My animal is hurt too.

                  GABBY: But she’s not just putting in her animal.  She’s wrecking it, Mom!!

                  ADDIE J: I […]

                    And We’re Back to This Again.

                    One of my kids (so, obviously, Addie J) had a thing for scissors not too long ago, and went around surreptitiously cutting everything she could find.  I thought that time was over until I walked into the kitchen just now:

                    It's always the innocent ones that pay the price.

                    I either have a […]

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