Maybe the Rapture Will Save Me.

So the Warrior Dash is in a month. I am so, so excited for it AND a little apprehensive. See, I jacked up my shoulder a couple of weeks ago while competing in a handstand contest with the kids (and oh, how I wish I had a less stupid reason), and it’s still not […]

    Is everyone’s morning like this?

    Look how blonde, and clean, and good-natured these kids are. If I put my kids' chairs this close together, it would spark a violent territory dispute.

    I like to make breakfast for the kids in the morning. I do. I enjoy mornings when I don’t leave before they do, and I get to see […]

      If You See Gabby…

      …I realize that, today, Gabby looks like she combed her hair with an angry cat. She and I have been locked in a death match over how much conditioner she should be using, and I have been allowing the natural consequences of her choice to assert themselves on her head, in hopes that she will figure it […]

        The Sacred Pens

        In all of my classes, I am a total color-coder. I write in different colors on the board, and I color-code my syllabus for each class, and I label files in different colors– you get it. So last fall it occurred to me to color-code our kitchen calendar, in hopes that it would simplify […]

          Lady Gaga exhausts me.

          So the first thing I saw online this morning was this huge photo of Stefani Germanotta, or as she styles herself, Lady Gaga:

          Dude, I am so done with her. I cannot even imagine the effort it takes to walk around looking like such a jackass at all times. I went to school […]

            Can Anyone Tell Me…

            …..At what age I can expect to not be woken up at an ungodly hour by a little person, who is for some reason naked, and wants to offer me “some cake for my lizard?”

            It would just be useful for future planning. Also, any information on when the girls will learn how to […]

              How to Ruin a Child’s Self- Image: by Kerry Campbell

              A few days ago, a friend of mine posted the below Huffington Post piece (with ABC News video) featuring Kerry Campbell, a mother who gives her 8-year-old daughter, Britney, Botox injections. In the video, this woman is completely unashamed and unapologetic, explaining that she does it to give Britney an edge in her pageant […]

                This Was Not a Good Idea.

                So now that I have my new phone, we decided to give the kids our castoff phones to use as game repositories. We have 3 old iPhones: my old phone, Dave’s old phone, and the old phone we bought as insurance against my dropping and breaking my phone. So, perfect, right? Each kid has […]

                  This is my mom’s fault.

                  Yesterday Gabby had her First Communion rehearsal (or do you call that “practice?” I don’t know. I’m so conditioned to rehearsals that half the time I’ll say, “Cam!! Hurry up or you’re going to be late to soccer rehearsal!!”). Our neighbor and her daughter happened to be sitting behind us, so Gabby and I chatted […]

                    Poserville, Population: Me.

                    You guys, I thought I was so fit. I was all, “I run all the time, I lift weights, I watch what I eat without being a Nazi about it– I’m all good.” And I’m signed up for the Warrior Dash next month, don’t forget. Jill keeps saying things like, “We really need to […]

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