This is The Opposite of Me.

To be clear: Danielle, Amanda and Caitlin look and act nothing like Alan in "The Hangover."

My friend Matt owns a radio production company, for which he writes a blog on good parenting practice. I knew about the company, but not the blog until just a few days ago. Then while reading through it I found […]

    Julie Vs. Wildlife: Yes, more of that.

    Yesterday I was walking through the parking lot on my way in to give a final when my attention was drawn to a snake in the parking lot.

    Let’s back up and emphasize that: there was a snake. In the parking lot.

    Now, I know what a garter snake looks like, and this was […]

      Greeting Cardophobia

      [Please note: names of the bride and groom have been changed, just because I don’t know them that well. Dave’s name you already know, so let’s not pretend.]

      Dave and I went to a wedding last night. While we were still at home getting ready, I came downstairs to put my wallet into my […]

        Happy Mother’s Day!

        These knuckleheads are my four favorite people in the world. I should be thanking them on Mother’s Day, not the other way around.

        Now, I am the first to say that I’m not that big on holidays like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day or whatever. I know they love me. They don’t necessarily […]

          But DO You Know the Way to San Jose?

          Once, I was telling a friend about how I was pitted against some other girl at the very end of a race, and in describing it I said that I “randomly” went into a sprint to beat her. My friend said, “Um, I think you mean “competitively.’ ” Which is totally true– I am […]

            In Retrospect, I Can’t Believe I Didn’t See This Coming.

            Piss off, Jiminy. And stay out of my car.

            [In the Saab with Gabby, after buying 36 live crickets for Cameron’s lizard. The crickets are in a clear plastic bag tied off with a rubber band.]

            JULIE [driving]: Ew. Can you hear the crickets crawling around in the bag, Gabby?

            GABBY: […]

              Where Does This Come From?

              I am not a terribly girly kind of girl. Now I realize that Dave will immediately counter that with the number of shoes and accessories I own, or how many hair products are in the bathroom cabinet, or remind me that I have taken over our entire walk-in closet and he has to hang […]

                Awkward Moments

                Gabby and Addie J came into my room super-early this morning, with sheets of paper in their hands. “We wrote you some songs, Mom,” Gabby said, smiling. “Let me sing mine for you.”

                I don’t even really remember anything about the song except that I was A. half-awake and B. trying  rally hard not […]

                  Justice has been done.

                  Since last night, I’ve been watching news commentaries and reading comments on the internet about the death of bin Laden.  I’ve read about people celebrating, and people fearing reprisal, and I’ve read some insane (I mean, I N S A N E) conspiracy theories.  And for me, it comes to this: that man deserved to […]

                    Gabby’s Race

                    So Gabby ran her 5K, and she amazed me. Let’s take a moment to remember that she is 7 years old, and she is quite small: most people who guess her age guess that she is 5 or 6. That makes for a pretty tiny stride (side note: I like to blame my relative slowness […]

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